Pajama Fiasco

      Homecoming week started in pajamas. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see pajamas? For me and most of Chaparral High School’s(CHS) students, it’s sleep.

      Designed as a way of building up excitement for the CHS Football game which was on Friday the 12th of October, Homecoming week engages students in school-administered fun activities. The first day being Pajama Day.

      Pajama Day or breaking-dress-code and lazing-around Day? According to CHS student Ana Raza, “It just makes concentrating harder to be honest.” Many passionate kids that come to school to get a good education were distracted by fuzzy slippers and goofy, bright pajama pants. Is this so called “Pajama Day” good for CHS’ students’ spirits or is it just a big distraction? The increase in students social participation in Pajama Day leads us to the assumption that Pajama Day has some sort of advantage for students other than enabling them to wear a slightly more comfortable attire. CHS teacher David Bennett voiced his concern with students’ lack of work during the week of the homecoming game, “I felt like a lot of students were slacking off about their assignments, they weren’t following through, it’s like they were waiting for someone to do the work for them,” says CHS’ welding teacher.

      We like to think the best of students, but students participating in a school event just to get out of class or have extra time on assignments is not the most unthinkable thing ever