Cheerleaders need to clear final hurdle to compete at state

Cheerleader coach: Ella Davis

The cheerleaders are one competition event away from achieving their goal, which is competing at state. 

As long as the cheerleaders go to three station events and gain a high score overall, then they will be able to go to state competition. However, this year is different because not all of the district schools will be able to go. With these schools being Chaparral High School, Santa Teresa High School and Gadsden High School. All of this was decided by Gadsden district.


This year, the district decided to do the competition to go to the state competition. Then for the three schools of the district will be based on which one gets the highest scores over all. This will all depend on the competition events. 


They were scored by crowd leading which is divided by eight phases adding up to fifty points in total. These eight terms are:

  • Game Day Situation (5 points)
  • Game day material (10 Points)
  • Crowd effectiveness (5points)
  • Crowd leading tools (5 points)
  • Motion Technique (5 points)
  • Crowd appeal (5 points)
  • Execution of skills (10 points)
  • Overall impression (5 points).

The next thing that they were scored on was the “Fight Song And Band Chant” which is divided by 6 diferent phases that also add up to fifty points in total. These terms are:

  • Game day material (10 points)
  • Execution of band chant (10 points)
  • Execution of fight song (10 points)
  • Crowd effectiveness (5 points)
  • Visual appeal (5 points) 
  • Overall impressions (10 points).

All of this according to the district chart on how they score the teams in the competitions.

District Athletic Coordinator: Karen Nougues

The cheerleading team has already done one of the three station events, that was last year on December 18th. They ended up in 2nd place one point away from earning first place against Santa Teresa High School.   Ella Davis said, “Even though there are many requirements to get to the top of the other two schools, there hasn’t been much effort on the team.” Despite this the team still scored “first place” on their second station event on Saturday the 18th of January.

Meanwhile “Chaparral High-School being in 1st place,  on the lead of Santa Teresa in second and Gadsden High in 3rd.” There is one more competition left to decide if CHS will be going to state on March 14th in Las Cruces High. This according to District Athletic Coordinator Karen Nougues.

Ms.Nougues would like to wish the cheerleading teams that “ The best of luck to all three of them and do your best