Lobos Stop Trashing and Recycle PPC

Beyannce Nuñez

One class in Chaparral High School has been favored with visions of greener pastures.

Special Education Teacher Leonardo Lugo, Special Education Assistants Maria Lucero and Magali Alvelaiz organized a recycling project for their students. “We needed the kids to be involved in activities in the school,” said Lugo.

To advertise the project, Lugo and co. have sent emails to teachers and staff. They’ve also spread it by word of mouth, along with asking Principal Victoria Lopez during meetings to remind teachers. 

There happens to be a good amount of teachers participating and Lugo is “real happy and appreciative.” They haven’t hit a roadblock because “administration and teachers are supportive,” said Lugo.

The project involves having the students pick up the recycling materials from classrooms. “We take the students to pick them up,” said Lucero.

Teachers must set their reusable items into a box and place them in the hallways where the students can see it when they pass by. They’ll collect the recyclable supplies for the inside buildings on Mondays and Wednesdays. While the outside buildings- Band room, Q and R- are reserved on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Should teachers have no containers readily available, then teachers may request r some. “[The students] built the boxes themselves,” said Lugo.

After the students have finished gathering the boxes, they’ll sort out the recycling materials into their own individual piles: plastic, paper and cardboard. “Sometimes, the paper comes with staples, so the students also remove them and put those into their own pile,” said Lugo.

Once the students have shredded the paper, they’ll carry out all the materials to the dumpsters. There, they’ll then place everything into the recycling bin. “Size hasn’t been a problem, unless cardboards, but we accommodate,” said Lugo.

As a final message, Lugo said, “Thank you for helping out!”