Lobo Quartet Qualifies for NMMEA State Program

Adrian Rios









For the fifth uatime in a row, Lobo musicians qualified for and participated in the New Mexico Musical Education Association (NMMEA) state program.

The New Mexico Musical Education Association (NMMEA) is a state program that promotes the advancement of music education through New Mexico’s public and private educational institutions. From January 8th to the 11th, Chaparral High School band students Andera Molina, Ralph Rameriz, Alex Duron, and Gadiel Gonzalez traveled to Alberque to perform at The University of New Mexico. Leading them was Band Director Adrian Rios. “The students felt excited and honored to play in order to put Chaparral on the map. I hope that they can continue to grow in experience,” said Rios.

Andera Molina
Gadiel Gonzalez









“There were five groups auditioning depends entirely on what you play. On the last day of the festival the players ended up playing with an honors group. It may be intimidating at first, or it may seem like some prestigious group where only high-class musicians can make it, but in reality, anyone can, they just need to believe they can and put in the time,” said Ralph Rameriz, drumline veteran. 

Ralph Rameriz









What happens if a student were to win the NMMEA competition? Winning can offer students a music scholarship up to $2,000 and will allow the student a chance to play with a top band in the state of New Mexico.

 “Going means that you are one of the best in whatever instrument you perform in the state of New Mexico. You, as an all-stater, are somewhat of what a professional musician would be like,” said Alex Duron, NMMEA competition rookie.

Alex Duron