Lobos Receive this Year’s Best Gift Cards







Chaparral students, the only thing for us under the tree this year was a lunch card, good for one reimbursable meal. Merry Christmas.

In November, during Thanksgiving Break, Chaparral High School’s POS system crashed according to the cafeteria staff. POS, or Point of Sale System, are the registers at the end of each lunch line that run our student ID, confirming that the student has acquired their meal. “We aren’t sure why our registering system crashed, but we should be using this system again at the beginning of January,” said Cafeteria Staff Chief Juanita Montelongo.

What could happen if we don’t use lunch cards or the POS System?  If we don’t use one of these two methods, then students would have to pay for their meals to eat.

 “We would much rather use the POS System because the lunch cards are time-consuming and slow down the line making our job to feed the student harder,” said Montelongo. “If a student is hungry, we must feed them and we will.”