Our Newest Math Teacher Is Finally Here

Jason Harvey

Jason Harvey is the newest math teacher at Chaparral High School (CHS).

He joined CHS on September 24, 2019. This is his first year as a teacher. He teaches freshman classes. He plans on staying at CHS as a teacher. 

He always wanted to be a math teacher, “I’ve always been really good at math since I was born,” said Harvey.

For him, being a math teacher is not difficult. “The student sometimes pushes your buttons, other than that, it’s not a big deal.” Harvey enjoys working with his students. “They are challenging and something new everyday.

 Harvey’s main quality to be a good teacher is that he’s easygoing. Some techniques Harvey uses to teach are Google classroom and group projects. The way he deals with non-English speaking  students is to pair them up with another student that are bilingual.

One of his most important rule as a teacher is to be respectful to his students. For Harvey, the way to earn the respect of his students is by being fair, he said, “Not treating any student differently than the other students.”