It might have been a win but “their performance was awful”

                                                                                             Head soccer coach:                                                                                                Assistant soccer coach:                Aaron Hernandez                                                                                                Fernando Hernandez


The final regular season game for the boys soccer team was a win, but was it a satisfying one?

According to the Head Coach and Assistant Coach Hernandez  the game they played was “just not a satisfying one because of the way it was played” and it was “a disappointing win.”

The players had taken the “game for granted” according to the assistant coach, but the coaches and players were “disappointed with the performance.” The win was a win for Chaparral High School versus Ruidoso HS, but they knew that the players “didn’t do well to win.” According to Assistant Coach Hernandez,“The win was however still done by taking advantage of a lucky break” and they also “refused to lose” the game.

Mentally, the players “could have been prepared and follow the game plan” that was given to them, said Head Coach Hernandez. They could have “finished the opportunities that were given to them and been more creative” during the game and more. Because of these things that were missing, the team and the staff were not “satisfied with the way it was won.” The players also were not “happy enough because of the given performance.”

They didn’t have practice before the game because of the “tight schedule that they had.” The training sessions have always been “demanding for the players” so that  they can keep improving and stay sharp according to both the head Coach and Assistant Coach.

The Head coach and the Assistant Coach that were two distinguished players  from the team during the game, Eddie Posada the goalie of the team and right wing Edwin Lopez.                                                                                                                                          Edwin Lopez                                              Eddie Posada

Edwin And Eddie said that the performance that the team gave during the game “wasn’t the best” and they “could have done better. They all played bad “and they didn’t play like they should of.” They learned that for their next game they should “focus more” and to not be trusted during a game and that they should be ”more concentrated before a game.” however with this disappointing win that they had they now have the “motivation to play better than last time.”