Another New Assistant Principal

John Tullius
John Tullius

For the past two years, Chaparral High has welcomed a new assistant principal into their midst, and now this year, we have our latest addition, Assistant Principal John Tullius. 

Tullius is married and has a son along with two grandchildren who he “absolutely adores.” He was born in El Paso, Texas, but raised in Clint, Texas, “a farm town.” He moved to El Paso after graduating from Clint High.

It was there that Tullius went to the University of Texas at El Paso, better known as UTEP, where he double majored and earned his bachelor’s in both Mathematics and Kinesiology. Furthermore, he obtained his master’s in Educational Leadership.

Tullius managed to pay for college thanks to several academic scholarships he received and even a basketball scholarship. Despite gaining a grant for his skill in basketball, it wasn’t the only sport he played: football, track, baseball, and golf being among them.

Tullius worked as a P.E. coach at Parkland High and a math teacher at Desertaire Elementary. He even worked as an assistant principal in Bel Air Middle School and Loma Heights Elementary. “Yes, I enjoyed it, I like teaching and education. Everywhere I have worked, I enjoyed, yes,” he said. 

Tullius came to Chaparral High because he “wanted to be an assistant principal at the high school level.” He said, “I like it so far. The people I work with make a difference. The students are the same everywhere, still enjoy them, it was the staff that mattered to me.”

“I’m positive, hardworking, and a family man,” Tullius said, “because I want to be a role model for my family. Show them I work hard and am always in a good mood to make my family happy. Always make the most out of a situation, good or bad.”