New Receptionist at Chaparral High School

Erika Cisneros

Erika Cisneros is the new receptionist at Chaparral High School (CHS).

Cisneros decided to work as a receptionist because she enjoys working around people, she said, “like multitasking” and “it’s a nice atmosphere working here at CHS”. The way Ericka manages her work load on a busy day is by taking one step at a time, she says, “I try to stay cool and collected.” “I will never get anything done if I get hysterical and anxiety.”

Cisneros’ always wanted to work in the school district, she said, “High school would be a better place for me.” She explains that she has two teenage boys of her own and she said “can relate to them.”

Cisneros’ dream was not always to be a receptionist she says, “I enjoy it and I like what I do .” Her dream was to be the boss “the top dog.” She says “I enjoy what I do.”

She said, “the most essential quality for a receptionist to have is, to be friendly and always smiling,” she said,receptionist “I think that’s one of the best qualities to have.”

Cisneros’ favorite aspect as a receptionist is that she gets to talk to different people everyday, She said, “You do get your mad parents and mad student.,” she said, “You get what you give, so if you give them respect and friendliness you can tone them down a little bit.”

Cisneros doesn’t have experience on multiple phone lines, she said that in her last job she only had one call, she said, “I had to get used to it.” Her primary responsibility as a receptionist is greeting people, distributing mail, and directing visitors, she said “‘just enjoy.”