Our new math teacher knows all the numbers

Jodi Copley

Welcome the new math teacher to our school, Chaparral high school: 

Jodi L. Copley


Chaparral High School has had a lot of teacher turnover to begin this year, and one subject with a lot of change is Math. One of Loboland’s newest math teachers is Jodi L. Copley.

Copley teaches algebra one to packed freshman classrooms and one smaller sophomore and junior class period.

 She had taken the decision to teach math because in the 80s they had a shortage of math teachers, so Copley decided she wanted to teach this subject. It also helped her very much that she “liked all math subjects”.

Copley comes from Peoria, illinois. She graduated from Peoria High School. After that she went to Lincoln college in Illinois. There she was someone who was “two years ahead of others” in college.  Some of her peers had to take more than five years to graduate but not Copley. She did not have to go through that long process. At that same college she graduated with a “masters and bachelors degree in five years.”

Copley can also teach other advanced subjects of math starting from algebra one all the way up to calculus two, and she can also teach statistics, “a math subject that can be hard to learn.” She decided to work with us at Chaparral High school because she is qualified to teach these  math subjects and she has her masters degree in it as well. 

Copley is planning on staying to teach at our “school for a few years.” With some students in her class being “thankful for that.” She is one of the few teachers in our school that agrees with “using ones phone for music can help one to do his work” however a student  should be responsible enough to know that he/she shouldn’t be using their phones whenever there is a lesson being taught during “class, on a quiz, or on an exam because the phone might be a distraction for others during that quiz or exam.”

  Thankfully, Copley thinks that working at CHS is one of the best things that happened to her because she “gets to see of the past again” from other schools that she had worked at before.

 Copley also has said it feels similar to teach here from other schools that she has taught at before so this “is nice” according to her.

  Copley thinks that she has made a “good impression” with the students and that they are still working with “the respect part” of students to teacher. All of the  students in Chaparral High School, according to her, are quite “respectful and have a great potential”. She says the students at this school are quite “responsible with their classroom assignments”.

Copley has a belief that “all teachers in school have a goal and that goal is to help students to reach their academic goals.”