Who is the new special Education Teacher on Campus?

Chaparral high School teacher David Chacon started this year by switching teaching jobs. This year he went from teaching social studies to a special education teacher. There is a purpose as to why.

“In the future I would like to become a principal,but in order to become one I need to have experience in diffeent stages of education, for example learning from special edcation student”, said chacon. One thing that is different is that I learn about every individual rather than getting to know 30-students.

He admires many things about his new job. One thing Chacon admires a lot is being able to have one-to-one with his students now. Before he did not know a lot about his 30 students in his classroom.

In every area of a career there are advantages and disadvantages or areas someone may like or dislike. Although it has been a challenge having to be all over the school following students schedules.

Chacon follows his students schedule to obsereve what they need help in and how they contribute in each of their class. This helps to create an Individual Education Program (IEP) for each student.  With an IEP Chacon can help his students more in achieving their academics goals,for the future as well.

He also wishes he had a prep class, but he is fine without it too.

It is a new position and with time, he will adapt to it.