Stepping Down or Stepping Up?

After 2 years, Chaparral High School (CHS) has hired a new curriculum advisor, Willie Joe Torres.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Mr. Torres stuck to his roots. He taught for four years at Parkland Middle School and from there, transferred to other schools for better opportunities.  Soon enough he found an opportunity he had not experienced as of yet and decided to apply to CHS.

Torres has two decades of experience in teaching and administration. As the instructional coach at CHS, he plans to do whatever he can possibly do to help teachers improve. Torres believes our school is in need of improving educationally and experientially. He wants to make classes, “more student centered and with more collaboration.”

Comparing CHS to other schools, Torres says, “There’s no difference so far.” He described the students of Chaparral High as, “a lot older and more mature” than his previous students which is expected considering they were elementary and middle school students.

His experience at the school so far has been “great, everyone is so nice”. Torres previously had a job as an Assistant Principal which is what brought him to Chaparral High School. There are a couple reasons why Torres “stepped down” from being a vice principal; it was to “step up” as Principal for Chaparral High School. Unfortunately, for Torres, Victoria Lopez got the position. He decided to try something different and still applied to CHS. Torres was hired as the curriculum advisor, which is, “a lot more focused and possibly harder,” as Torres stated, “but I still have a lot of learning to do.”

Torres enjoys spending his time with his two sons and his wife. Torres has dreams of someday teaching in either California or Colorado, and someday becoming a principal of his own school. After two or three years as CHS’s curriculum advisor, he hopes to achieve this goal.