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Extra Days Leads to Extra Questions

April 26, 2019

by: Kalista Willason and Jacob Herald Who would have known the future of Chaparral High School (CHS) included lengthening the schedule? The upcoming school year (2019-2020) is going to be extended by 10 days. This is a first...

Working and McWorking

December 7, 2018

Working until you fall. That’s what it seems like. Many students at various high schools know the struggle of trying to keep a minimum wage job as well as trying to keep up their GPA. As a working student there are many...

Stepping Down or Stepping Up?

October 8, 2018

After 2 years, Chaparral High School (CHS) has hired a new curriculum advisor, Willie Joe Torres. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Mr. Torres stuck to his roots. He taught for four years at Parkland Middle School and from t...