Local Lobo becomes New Art Teacher

Chaparral High School has a new art teacher and he is from Chaparral. 

Jose Alvarado

         Jose Alvarado is the new art teacher of Chaparral High School. One of the most important things about Alvarado is that he always wanted to teach at Chaparral High School because “I live here. I grew up here. I’ve always wanted a job here, but they didn’t need me yet,” he said. 

        He graduated from Gadsden High School in 2002. After high school he went to EPCC for three years and then graduated from UTEP in 2011. He has been teaching for nine years, seven at Santa Teresa High School and two at Barron Elementary in El Paso, TX. 

       He became an art teacher because “I love everything about it. It is everywhere. I love the fact that you can express your feelings.” 

      Just like every other teacher, it frustrates Alvarado when students give up and use their phones when they are told not to do so. 

      In his free time, he likes to jog around Dolores C. Wright Park in Chaparral, and go to his bible meetings (he’s a Jehovah Witness) at Kingdom Hall in El Paso, TX. He also likes spending time with his family. He considers his best friend’s family, his family along with his parents and his dog Sandi.   

      He compliments his students by saying they are “very creative and self-driven.”

      In order to build a good relationship with his students, he said that first he starts by learning their names and after that he gets to know each one individually. 

         Our new art teacher says that he loves how Chaparral High School is built; he says that it is like “college life.” 

       “My favorite part about my job is getting to watch my students succeed everyday,” Alvarado said. One achievement Alvarado is proud of is that in 2016, he took two of his students from Barron Elementary School to London and Paris. 

       “If I wouldn’t have become an art teacher, the other career I would have done, is being a full time artist.”

        Lastly, something that motivates him is “nature, because I try to imitate it in art and also, God’s power because he is our creator,” he said. 

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