Welcome Mr. Viera

  Alex Viera, a social studies teacher, has just joined Chaparral High School. Viera retired after more the 32 years of teaching in Texas at Bowie High School and is now teaching in New Mexico

   Viera said,”I immediately knew that I wanted to teach and coach right after high school.” Viera graduated high school and then went to UTEP. After college, Viera started teaching at Guillen Middle School. He taught there for about 16 years. He then started to teach at Bowie High School for another 16 years before retiring from Texas.

Viera said,”I was given the opportunity to teach at Chaparral High School by   my uncle Mr.Encina. In his opinion Viera is a different teacher compared to the others. Viera said,”I am more lenient, I give students the chance they deserve and I focus on helping them on any problem they have.”Viera wants to make a difference in the life of young adults by teaching them how to succeed in life. Viera said,” Everyone has an opportunity you just have to choose if you will take it.”

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