Our new Tech at CHS

Brian Trujillo is the new Tech at Chaparral High School. Chaparral High School has without a technology tech since school started.

Trujillo comes from Las Cruces. His favorite technology products are computers and programming, and his least favorite are networking products. When he is stuck with a problem he often asks for help.

“Sometimes I like to work alone but it depends on what type of work it is,” said Trujillo. His definition of hard work is dedicating your time on what you like. He says, “It isn’t hard to be a tech, unless the school has a lot of technology.”

Trujillo likes to work with people that are open minded. What interested him about our district is that it is a good start because he could get better at working on computers. Later he could work with other districts. He graduated New Mexico State University two years ago. The software tool he uses on a daily basis is a Microsoft.

Trujillo considers himself an introvert and keeps things to himself. He graduated in 2010 from Mayfield High School and went on to study technology at NMSU for five years. He likes our school because he meets new people every day.

He has only worked for this district. “I have only worked for this district.” Said Trujillo, “I’ve worked on computers for four years.”

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