Lopez going long for Lobos




CHS Ass’t Principal Victoria Lopez

by Arlene Perez

Our longest tenured Lobo administrator is Victoria Lopez, and she has been an assistant principal for eight years. She likes being an assistant principal because she loves kids and school. Some of her major responsibilities are to discipline her students, be in charge of master scheduling, gradebooks, and online classes. She plans to be an assistant principal until she decides it is the right time to stop. Lopez doesn’t like being absent to school as she’s only been absent ten days in her whole eight years in high school.

Lopez started as an assistant principal at Gadsden High School. She became an assistant principal because she thought she needed a change from the work she used to have. She worked at a central office but needed a change and missed being around kids which is what made her decide to come work at Chaparral High School.

Lopez went to New Mexico for bachelors and masters for six and a half years. In her eight years of being an assistant principal she didn’t have any issues with any teacher, but had a few teachers fight with each other over work. She’s an assistant principal that does get along with most teachers. One thing she would change about this school if she was a principal is to lock the gates.

Lopez thinks that the students from this high school are great. At Chaparral High School she learned from students and families about their needs. She loves doing her job because she simply loves the kids and likes working with them. She’s fascinated with her job because she likes being around kids and meeting new people. She has different experiences with people. “Every year is never the same”, she said. She doesn’t dislike anything about school because she loves school.

In conclusion, Lobos can expect Lopez on campus for many more years.

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