Park steps up to counseling Lobos

Jennifer Park new Lobo Counselor

Jennifer Park, our new counselor, was one of our English teachers before but now transitioned to a counselor. Parks graduated from NMSU for her bachelors and UTEP for her masters degree. She taught English for eight years before the change.

Park likes her job because she likes kids, being involved and especially not cajoling kids to learn something they are not interested in. Changing schedules, putting in data, helping around and meeting are part of her everyday routine. She believes that her credentials and feeling comfortable is what makes her fit for this position.

A few of Park’s major responsibilities are to fix schedules, help students test for college, check credits and be there for emotional and educational support for the kids. One thing she dislikes about her job is how fast the day goes; she doesn’t have enough time for all her duties. Park plans on being a counselor as long as it is enjoyable. To obtain the job here at Chaparral High, she had to submit an application, go through an interview and be a good candidate. According to Parks, a quality that is important for this job is to be a good listener and be really organized.

Two of the many opportunities this job offers her is to still be around kids and stay informed about the school. On the other hand, one of the challenges is to be organized and the time it takes to complete her duties. She worked at Chaparral High for six years, but is new to the counseling field. She may be less experienced than the others but believes that since she is younger, she is able to connect with kids better than the elder counselors. Her main goal is for everyone to graduate and to achieve that, she needs to do paper work a lot, check test scores, and much more.

Edited 9/10 to correct Jennifer Park’s name.

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