Lobo Band Boss driving for redemption in seventh season

Chaparral high school band director Adrian Rios is starting his seventh year in Lobo land.  This makes him the longest tenured band director in Chaparral history

Rio’s first year at Chaparral was rough, but it is always rough starting a new “gig”. He loves to teach music. During his time here Rios’ bands have earned more than twelve trophies.

He has a bond with his students that is just like a family bond. “If one goes down, we all do.” Rios wanted to follow his parent’s footsteps. His mother taught and his father was a musician. He was born into music and started playing when he was about five years old.

Band contributes to everyday life skills such as responsibility, dedication, commitment and family according to Rios. Students receive performance and competition experience.

Besides school, Rios plays percussion with the El Paso Symphony. He enjoys music in general. Whenever he has time, he goes and plays with different bands ranging from funk to jazz. Rios also plays Rock, Latin, Country and Tejano genres. Rios, in his free time has played in different cities besides El Paso and Las Cruces. The following cities are places he has played: San Antonio, San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Sierra Blanca, Alpine, Corpus Christi,  and Marfa.

Rios prefers concert band over marching because he has never been an outside person. He also prefers to focus on music instead of marching. Rios prefers to listen to funky soul music. Rios knows the basics of all instruments but he majors in percussion, his focus being drum-set.

The challenges Rios is preparing for this year are getting his students to care enough to redeem themselves at contests. Last year at EPISD contest, his band received a four, which is the lowest rating a band can receive. In the next five years, he sees himself still teaching and becoming a better musician.

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