A Year of Lobos Sports History

Chaparral High School (CHS) coaches have challenged our future athletes to have a better winning season and set new heights.

This year CHS Lobos soccer team brought home the District Title (District Champions) and automatically qualified to go to state. The soccer team’s hard work, dedication and team effort brought the District Title home to the Lobos.

Another fall sport that faced their biggest challenge yet was CHS Lobos volleyball team. They set a record of 12 wins and 8 losses that made history. The volleyball team was selected to go to state because of their record setting performance for the 2016 season.

Cross-country, traveled to Albuquerque to represent the school. Cross-country coach Pedro Ruiz had five girls and seven boys qualify: Marisol Cordova, Adriana Hernandez, Marlene Olivas, Karen Gonzalez, Kiara Gonzalez, Jesse Vazquez, Danny Vazquez, Jesus Yanez, Mathew Ortiz, Miguel Escobedo, Jesus Cordova and Pedro Medrano. They performed very well, even though 90 percent were first year runners.

Coach Ruiz also coaches tennis at CHS, he has been the coach ever since the sport was introduced to the school. “Commitment to the sport, to their team and to the practices,” said Coach Ruiz about his expectations of his players when they become involved with the sport. His opinion about what makes a good player is, “Athleticism, a lot of dedication to learn about the sport and a lot of investment in practice.”

Throughout the years Coach Ruiz has seen a lot of improvement from his athletes, but also faced challenges along the way. Some difficulties that coach Ruiz had this season was players missing a lot of practices due to scheduling conflict.

“They started pretty strong,” said Ruiz, “As the season went, they just improved. We were ready for the first tournament and we had a great off-season.” As the season went, the athletes started improving their skills. They improved their serving, hitting and better ball placing. The tennis team had the opportunity to travel to Albuquerque. This is the first out of four seasons that Coach Ruiz faced the challenge of taking his players to state. His players were two boys and two girls: Danny Vasquez, Luis Maldonado, Blanca Ramirez and Ana Flores.

Team Captain, Luis Maldonado, is a senior at CHS. For him, playing his last tennis match at state was an unforgettable experience. “It was memorable, every senior doing their last moments, you just hit with your all,” said Maldonado. After returning back home, Maldonado felt happy and sad at the same time, realizing that he finished his senior year playing tennis and giving his all on the court.

Maldonado gives an advice to the future tennis players at CHS, “Always believe you can do better and push coach a little more every day, encourage your teammates… Even in the game you lose, think how fun it was but have good losses to have better wins.”

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