New gym eases scheduling crunch

Chaparral High School recently confirmed the construction for a new gymnasium. Even though the new gymnasium is only going to be an auxiliary gym, it will be very helpful for sports.

Having a new gymnasium means sports like basketball will not have to fight for practice times every year. They will both be able to practice after school and won’t have to worry about who will practice in the mornings. The new gymnasium will also contain a wrestling room, so wrestling will not have to worry about practicing in other rooms.

As of today, if everything goes as planned the new gymnasium’s final inspection will be from February 15 through 21, 2018. The auxiliary gym will be fully functional for the 2018-2019 school year. This gymnasium had been in the process of being built since 2015. It has not been built yet because of all the other adjusting that had to be built first like an additional elementary (Yucca Heights Elementary), an expansion to Chaparral Elementary, etc.

This new gymnasium will also mean Chaparral High School will now be able to host more tournaments for boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Chaparral High School will not have to borrow the gym from Chaparral Middle School nor Sunrise Elementary on occasions where the main gym is not available for use or being used for something else.

The auxiliary gymnasium will hold 454 seats, which is less than half of the amount of seats in the main gym. It will only have bleachers on the west side of the court. The new gym will contain two men’s restrooms, two women’s restrooms, and a restroom in both of the locker rooms. The gym will have two stories. The first floor will have the main lobby, the locker rooms, the training room, and the court. The second floor will only have another lobby, and the mezzanine, which will be used as the wrestling room.

Picture Credits: AKS Architecture
Picture Credits: AKS Architecture
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