You can’t Grow a Lawn Without Water

Superintendent, Efren Yturralde needs to tend to his lawn and he is going to have to cut his grass a lot shorter than usual. New Mexico took a big hit because of the budget deficit and now Yturralde is left with lawn clippings.

Education is a big part of the state’s budget. It is actually a little more than half of the state’s budget. Since it is such a big part of the lawn, it got cut the shortest. Yturralde had to make cuts where it was possible. One of the first cuts that made a big impact was when Yturralde cut funding for transportation to many non-athletic competitions. Initially they were going to cut all funding for it but ended up paying half of the cost. “When I was told we couldn’t go, I was in the mix of anger and disappointment.—BPA works year round fundraising and I feel that when they took the funding, they took a part of me.” Said BPA competitor Evelyn Loya. BPA is program that prepares students for a specific field of work and them losing that program cuts means Lobos will miss out on so much valuable experience.

It has been rumored that in some parts of New Mexico, the K-3 plus program will be weed-wacked. K-3 plus is a program that encourages learning in students kinder through third grade. It is a 5 week program that prepares students for their upcoming year. Joanne Munoz is the head administrative assistant at Sunrise Elementary. As of right now the program is still expected run for the 2017-2018 school year but when she heard about the rumor, “If the program is eliminated, it can have a negative effect on parents who use the program as an alternate to daycare.” Isaac Contreras is currently a third grader and went through four years of K-3 plus and he feels that “They can’t take it away because it’s fun and we get to learn a lot.”

Another way the state is trying to save money is attrition. At Chaparral High School alone, three science teachers are retiring and one English language teacher will be surplused.

Cuts are being made all over. Yturralde had to not only cut his grass shorter but he had to stop watering some of his trees. In the sports department, “A couple of sports will be losing some coaching positions. In some cases it has been hard to fill some of those positions,” said principal at Chaparral High School, Mark Rupcich. So some sports programs will be losing their freshman teams. Rupcich is also unsure as to whether or not per diems will be cut but he said, “I hope not, that’s a matter of feeding a student or not.”

Yturralde is desperately trying to save his yard but it is quickly becoming drier and drier. Thankfully no weeds have shown up to make it worse.

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