In the End, It Was Fun.

I would have never thought that four years of high school would go by so quickly. I am sitting here realizing that it will all be over in less than three weeks. I say that I’m ready now but who knows how I’ll feel walking across the stage.

When I first checked in to Chaparral high school, I honestly fell in love. The environment was so different from that of the middle schools. That year our freshman team placed second in district and a winning season, but it wasn’t free and definitely not easy. We won so many games together because we always pushed each other to do better. Our freshman year we were a huge group of guys, and we thought we would be the same group all four years, but we’re maybe half of what we were. Although we are all still great friends it isn’t the same anymore. Juan, Mario, Andrei and I were the worst kids imaginable in geometry, but the best at the same time. We were freshman in a sophomore class filled with upperclassmen. We were gods to them, us four made teased them as a group damn near every day and Mr. Gomez loved it.

The summer after my sophomore year I took golf very seriously. That whole summer was pretty lonely because I focused so much on golf. Even though I didn’t get the results I expected, I had the time of my life playing golf. Five years with Coach Y, and all he ever really wanted from me was to find a good Christian girl. I never found one but I had my share of fiascos. My last few tournaments of the golf season were the saddest rounds of golf I took part in. I made plenty of friends to golf with on the weekend, but the thought of never competing again for a school truly brought down my spirits.

Senior year has been the greatest year of all my thirteen years of schooling. It was honestly a lot of fun. I did join basketball and it was fun while it lasted because I had to quit towards the end due to the fact that the golfing season was coming up.

In my AP history classes, Mr. Velarde was a great teacher. He really was. I had never learned so much but the work was a pain-in-the-ass. The work load was ridiculous. There wasn’t a single day we didn’t have homework. I think about it now and I really liked the learning so much about other civilizations and how the world has changed.

Overall, my senior year was the best. I slaved away a majority of the week at work in the afternoons so that on the days I had off I could have a great time with the best friends possible. I’m going to miss high school. It all ended too soon.

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