13 Years Down, The Rest Of My Life To Go…

This is an interview with the Editor and Chief at The Howler of Chaparral High School.

What is your name?

Abraham Isaiah Hernandez.

What school do you attend?

Chaparral High School.

What year are you completing this year in Chaparral High School?

Senior Year.

What was High School summed up in one word?

Four years have passed by and it seems like yesterday was just the start of my freshman year here at Chaparral High School. Unlike many experiences I have had, high school will always be one of my favorites because of all the good and bad times I have had here. High school can be explained as many things but I’ll sum it up with one word. High school was “fun.”

Who inspired you and who has motivated you?

I obviously can’t take all the credit for all the work I’ve done during my high school years. I had help coming from all directions in my life but there were only a few who have actually have pushed me to become who I am today. My mother would sit in the chair next to me at the kitchen table to help me understand issues, work and life itself.  Every one of my teachers that I have had throughout my four years of high school taught me so much and have helped me progress to a better me each day.

What were your goals? Did you meet your goals?

As the years went by, I come to meet with what the real definition of a goal is and whether I have met my own. Goals aren’t meant to be achieved in one day. Goals are set to help you achieve something for yourself. Going through high school I have tried to set goals for myself everyday but I didn’t realize till these remaining days that I have at Chaparral High School that my only goal through high school is to graduate and prepare myself for the world that is coming towards me after graduation day. I do believe I have prepared myself but I know I still have more to learn later in life.

Love or Hate?

Of course, going to school continuously for four years, you can develop a love and hate relationship towards it. High school was filled with many ups and downs but it never stopped being the one place I liked going to. Call me “different,” but I actually liked coming to school to experience new friendships and what life lesson was waiting for me the next day. I could be honest and say I did not like the fact that we had to wake up so early but I got over that problem.

Regrets? Anything you would do different?

I do live with a sense of regret and disappointment in these last days because I do wish I focused more on being a top student rather than just a student who is fine with A’s and B’s. If I would have put more effort on my grades and school then I know I could have been more proud of myself right at this moment.

Something you would tell your freshman self?

Have a positive mind and be happy. I’ve seen so many people that were depressed during the years and I’ve had the chance to see where it gets them. Being depressed does not get you anywhere so the best thing you can do for yourself is to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. I was one of those kids during high school but I learned that none of that matters, all you have to do is just be happy.

Things you got to experience that you will always remember.

Experiences come and go but I get to say I lived the most memorable ones yet. This list of experiences is just part of my four years in high school.


  • Was a member of the Art Club for four years and eventually promoted the position of President of the Art Club.
  • Was a member of the Journalism team for three years and eventually promoted to the Editor and Chief.
  • Won the 2015-2016 Editorial Cartoon State Competition.
  • Went on road trips with clubs at my school.
  • Won the election of the senior class Vice President election.

Even though I have had the opportunity to live these amazing experiences through my high school years, I feel a sense of sorrow for the time I have left. High school itself was an amazing experience. High school is just like I said before, “Fun.”

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