Chappy the Hero

Chappy leads the way with introducing a new program at Chaparral High School (CHS). The new cyberbullying program helps students gain voice and power. It teaches our students how to be cautious and have a friendly environment while in use of social media.

Students use social media to interact with friends and family, others may use it to harm or express their unnecessary negative comments.

The Criminal Justice teacher Mr. Ronald Richman and his second period class are in charge of the Cyberbullying program. They want to spread the word to the CHS students that someone is here to help.

President of the program, Damaris Saenz, wants students to know that this program is a good way to help others. The program is, “Not to stop bullying because bullying is always going to be a problem but to at least cut it down and give power to those who get bullied,” said Damaris. Also Richman wants to, “Give students a voice.”

Richman and the second period class would like to display their video on Lobo News to inform students about cyberbullying and how this program is going to bring many fun activities that will help them learn to speak up if any cyberbullying is happening to them or anybody else. Rupcich will also be involved with this program. Since he takes cyberbullying seriously, he will have serious consequences to those who are involved in bullying other students. Richman’s second period class made a film involving other Lobo students to help students understand that cyberbullying can happen anywhere and at any time to anyone.

Anyone can join to help prevent bullying in our school and to create a safer environment for everyone. Richman and his second period class will give a further noticed of what days the program will be available to students afterschool.

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