Otero County elementary to open fall 2016 to alleviate overcrowding

Mando's workby Armando Ochoa

Portables at Chaparral elementary schools will disappear in the fall semester of 2016 when Yucca Heights Elementary opens its doors to help alleviate overcrowding.

This is the first school in the Gadsden district that will be in Otero County as all others are located in Dona Ana County. The ground breaking for Yucca Heights Elementary School took place March of 2015. Bradbury construction Co. was selected for the construction contract. The accepted bid for Yucca Heights Elementary was $16.4 million.

Craig Ford, school board representative for the east region of Gadsden Independent School District said, “The school is being built to help alleviate the overcrowding in the already three existing elementarys.”  Yucca Heights Elementary will accommodate 550 students. In order to alleviate the crowding on the other campuses, campus boundaries will be redrawn.


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