Lobo Wrench Rutiaga brings home a silver medal from first Skills USA meet



Jorge Rutiaga, Taran Mays, Ramon Santiago, Stephanie Weinberg, Kevin Hall, and Mr. Robert Galvan (from left to right) at Skills USA Automotive Competition.




by Judith Perez



Chaparral High School Senior Jorge Rutiaga attended the Skills USA  Automotive Repair Competition held April 8, 2015,  in Albuquerque.

Rutiaga said, “There were about 45-50 students competing.” It was his first time attending an automotive competition “Interesting for my first time,” said Rutiaga, “I had to name car parts and take a test about automotive.”

“It’s just the feeling that I love cars in general,” said Rutiaga about why he got interested in automotive. He said that some things about the competition were difficult, but he was proud of himself because he didn’t think he was going to win. Rutiaga scored higher than many other people in this competition and won a silver medal.

Rutiaga said he felt he did well, because he knew how to do most of the stuff on the competition.

“Yes, if I had the chance I would go because it’s good to challenge yourself to do better,” said Rutiaga.


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