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New gym eases scheduling crunch

Chaparral High School recently confirmed the construction for a new gymnasium. Even though the new gymnasium is only going to be an auxiliary gym, it will be very helpful for sports.

Having a new gymnasium means sports like basketball will not have to fight for practice times every year. They will both be able to practice after school and won’t have to worry about who will practice in the mornings. The new gymnasium will also contain a wrestling room, so wrestling will not have to worry about practicing in other rooms.

As of today, if everything goes as planned the new gymnasium’s final inspection will be from February 15 through 21, 2018. The auxiliary gym will be fully functional for the 2018-2019 school year. This gymnasium had been in the process of being built since 2015. It has not been built yet because of all the other adjusting that had to be built first like an additional elementary (Yucca Heights Elementary), an expansion to Chaparral Elementary, etc.

This new gymnasium will also mean Chaparral High School will now be able to host more tournaments for boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Chaparral High School will not have to borrow the gym from Chaparral Middle School nor Sunrise Elementary on occasions where the main gym is not available for use or being used for something else.

The auxiliary gymnasium will hold 454 seats, which is less than half of the amount of seats in the main gym. It will only have bleachers on the west side of the court. The new gym will contain two men’s restrooms, two women’s restrooms, and a restroom in both of the locker rooms. The gym will have two stories. The first floor will have the main lobby, the locker rooms, the training room, and the court. The second floor will only have another lobby, and the mezzanine, which will be used as the wrestling room.

Picture Credits: AKS Architecture
Picture Credits: AKS Architecture
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New Coach, More Wins?

New Basketball Coach

This year’s basketball players are looking forward to the new season at Chaparral High School because they recently hired a head coach.

Nicolas Gerardo Uribe is the new head coach at Chaparral High School (CHS); during the day he works next door, at Sunrise Elementary, as a Physical Education coach. Uribe drives from El Paso to Chaparral every week-day at seven in the morning, and drives back home around three or four in the afternoon.

Uribe himself played basketball in high school. Uribe attended Austin High School from 1999-2003. He graduated from UTEP in 2007 with a Bachelor’s of Science I Kinesiology and a minor in Education. Uribe would like to turn his Bachelor’s into a Master’s, but he is focused in coaching at the moment.

Uribe came to CHS to fulfill his high school dream of being a head basketball coach because “I have always wanted to be a high school head coach since I was a senior in high school, it has always been my goal” as Uribe said. Uribe was a Junior Varsity (JV) coach for Cathedral High School’s basketball team for five years, before coming to Chaparral.

Although Uribe is new, he is confident with what he is able to do with the team. “I believe that my strength as a coach is my ability to communicate well with my players and build a strong relationship with them. I know my weakness as a coach is that this will be the first time that I am a head coach, so I know there will be situations that I will have to learn from and improve upon everyday” said Uribe.

As of today, CHS has 35 players in the entire program and about 12 of these players are in Varsity. This year’s Varsity team is a younger team, six of them are sophomores. Not only is the basketball team short in numbers, but in height as well. Their average height is about 5’10”. Although CHS has a short team, Uribe feels “Confident that the team will work hard and continue to improve with every workout.”

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Lobos select familiar face to lead Varsity Soccer team

by Leinny Ramos


New varsity soccer coach Aaron Hernandez coaching practicing Lobos

“The sky is the limit,” said Aaron Hernandez, the new CHS boys soccer head coach. Hernandez has faith in the soccer team and believes that, “They have the opportunity to become a better group, both individually and as a team with hard work and commitment.”

Hernandez is a substitute teacher and a strength conditioning trainer, but besides being a trainer he loves to coach. “I love the game and have played it my whole life. I enjoy working with players and watching them progress into better players” said Coach Hernandez.

Hernandez doesn’t feel the pressure of being the new head varsity coach because he was the assistant coach for the last three years. He has helped the boys to become better players. The new Lobo has a lot of goals for this 2015 season but his primary goal is to, “Compete for a district and state title.”

The soccer team will be training harder than ever because Hernandez said we will “be constantly training at a high level that prepares them physically and mentally,” and “be prepared for our opponents.”

He wants the team to “Continue developing fundamentals and enhancing their skill level. Increase their soccer I.Q. and give the passion that the game deserves.”  Coach Hernandez recognizes how much potential the soccer guys have, so he will push them until they complete their goals.

The main lesson that Hernandez will transmit to the team is that “the team that works the hardest will outplay any team with talent.”

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Asthmatic Athletes


Asthmatic Athletes
All across the world there are many asthmatic athletes.
Asthma is a chronic, or long-term, disease that inflames and narrows the airways of your lungs, according to where first person information can also be found at and . Some symptoms are not being able to run for long distances, difficulty breathing in bad weather conditions, or less playing time. There are few that make it to the professional ranks for example Dennis Rodman, a former NBA athlete (National Basketball Association).
“Asthma shouldn’t be an excuse to stop trying unless it’s severe!” said Robert Hollingsworth, sophomore at Chaparral High School. Hollingsworth was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 11, yet he participates in playing basketball, soccer and baseball, sports which involve a lot of running. Hollingsworth can’t breathe during different climates such as cold and humid weather. This still doesn’t hold back Hollingsworth from playing; he says that the love of playing the game never stops him from trying harder. He might take breathers at times but he doesn’t let it hold him back while using his asthma as motivation. Even though he had asthma attack in eighth grade while running a mile, he still gives everything 110 percent.
As a shooting guard in basketball, Hollingsworth works out a lot and is prepared for what’s coming. As much as it frustrates Hollingsworth, he can’t avoid the fact that he has asthma. Even with asthma, Hollingsworth does not feel any different from the rest of his teammates. “No, not at all, might be slower but no,” said Hollingsworth
This comes to show you that asthmatic athletes might have troubles breathing, but it doesn’t keep them from trying their best.

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Powder Puff Game

Chaparral High School continues its Powder Puff tradiation for the seventh year and seniors maintain their grip on the Powder Puff trophy for the seventh time. “Schools have been playing Powder Puff football for homecoming week at least since Ms. Pranses was in high school,” said Chris Sanchez or how he prefers to be called “El Capitan.”
Sanchez was one of the four administrators in charge of making the Powder Puff game possible. Sanchez along with Helena Palacios coached the underclassmen girls while Ron Richman and Thomas Waldmann coached the senior girls. According to Sanchez the purpose of this game was, “To give girls at our school a chance to learn a little bit more about the game of football and to show some school spirit.” Any girl could have joined; all they had to do was sign up and show up to practice.
Other people involved included senior quarterback Roy Lopez and middle linebacker Alex Genis as assistant coaches for the senior team. Genis coached the defense and Lopez coached the offense. “The goal we are planning to accomplish is, to beat underclassmen, to have fun in the process and to keep the streak alive,” said Genis.
The game lasted two 20-minute halves, and the seniors won 14-0, to extend the win streak to seven. The senior girls have won every single game since the school first opened its doors seven years ago.
The senior coaches and players were very happy with the outcome, while the coach of the underclassmen side had a little something to say, “The referees need to know the difference between a fumble and a touchdown, but overall we all had a great time,” said “El Capitan.”

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