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Costumes and Pumpkins and Candy, Oh My!


Chaparral High School will be celebrating Halloween October 30 . Students and staff will be allowed to wear costumes and students will have the chance to win a school costume contest, the judges will be Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Jarnigan

Lobos celebrate Halloween every year which gives students the freedom to wear costumes, but they are not allowed to wear masks.  There won’t be decorations for Halloween because the school is trying to save the money for the Homecoming dance.

Every year at Chaparral High School, pre-kinder students will come dressed up for Halloween to collect treats. Students and teachers are allowed to gift candy to the lobo cubs. There will be a morning and afternoon group, so they won’t lose their way from the den.

There won’t be decorations for Halloween because the school is trying to save the money for the dance.

Happy Halloween!!!


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LOBO Events

These are Novembers School Events:

  • October 30-November 3- Homecoming week
  • Friday November 3- there’s a Homecoming dance and pep rally.
  • Saturday November 4- Girls Basketball Alumni game at 1:30-3:30pm at Chaparral High school gym.
  • Friday November 10- Veterans Day, school is closed.
  • Thursday November 16– Insurance Enrollment opens.
  • Monday November 20-24 Thanksgiving Break.
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Movies at Dolores Wright Park?!

The Chaparral High School FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) group will be hosting movies at Dolores Wright Park on East Lisa Drive, every Saturday of October at 7:30 for anyone who can attend, Chaparral citizen or otherwise. FCCLA will be showing two different movies for the two remaining weeks of October. Here’s a list of the two movies.

  • Saturday, October 21st – Casper
  • Saturday, October 28th – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Movies are free, but snacks are available for purchase. Here’s a list of snacks and their prices:

  • Chicharrones – $.50
  • Hot Chocolate – $1
  • Brownie – $.75
  • 2 Cookies – $1
  • Chips – $.50
  • Honey Bun – $1
  • Capri Sun – $.50
  • Nachos – $1


In addition to chips:

  • Cheese – $.25
  • Valentina – $.25
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Events for October

• On October 17th there will be a boys soccer game against Deming.
• On October 20th varsity football game against Alamogordo at home.
• On October 26th there will be a freshman and varsity football home game against Deming
• On October 28th freshman and JV have a volleyball games against Santa Teresa here at home.
These are the remaining events for October 2017.

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Roberto Mata: working for his community

Roberto Mata, Assistant Principal

Roberto Mata, is the newest assistant principal at Chaparral High School, he is excited to be back in “his community”.

Mata was the assistant principal at Loma Linda Elementary before taking on the role as an assistant principal at Chaparral High School. Before Mata worked at Loma Linda Elementary, he worked for nine years as a science teacher and two years as an instructional coach at Chaparral Elementary.

Although Mata has never worked in a high school, he likes to believe that he is doing his job well when his Lobos greet him in the hallways.

Being an assistant principal is hard work, but Mata says he enjoys his job as an assistant principal at Chaparral High School because he is able to interact with his Roadrunners from Chaparral Elementary.

Mata enjoys the community because he was raised in Chaparral. Mata attended Chaparral Elementary, later moving to Holy Trinity Catholic School in El Paso for grades six through eight and then started his freshman year in Cathedral which is an all-male school, which is also in El Paso. Mata was in a work study program allowing him to pay for his education but couldn’t stay for a second year. Because he couldn’t afford to stay in Cathedral he enrolled in Gadsden High School where he earned his diploma. Mata is the oldest of four brothers and was the first of his family to enter college; he has a Bachelor in Education from New Mexico State University and a Master in Administration from University of Texas at El Paso.

Mata is very fond of the Lobo’s and enjoys working with its faculty and students. One thing Mata said he would add to the school is more career cluster classes and more classrooms.

An assistant principal’s job consists of working with the school’s teachers and coaches while at the same time dealing with the principal’s requests. Mata is excited to be working at Chaparral and stated that he is going to “work with coaches and teachers and try my best to make kids succeed in the classroom and in the sport fields.” Mata also deals with disciplining the students. He deals with students the same way he would deal with his own children, he shows them “discipline, fairness, love, and structure”.

Being an assistant principal is a serious job but Mata still finds time to spend his free time outdoors which includes fishing in Elephant Butte Lake and bow hunting.

Mata is excited for this school year and stated that he is grateful to be working back in his community.

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Every Ending Has A New Beginning

Paulina Rodriguez

There has been a rumor going around that our attendance clerk, Paulina Rodriguez, is leaving Chaparral High School.

That rumor has been confirmed by Rodriguez. Rodriguez said, “I am going to be an instructional assistant for kindergarten at Yucca Heights Elementary.”

Rodriguez wanted to have the high school experience, which is why she decided to work at our school in the first place. One thing Rodriguez enjoyed most about her job was working with the students and parents. She left Chaparral High School September 29, the Friday before fall break. We will be needing a new attendance clerk.

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Update on New Gym

Most Lobos are dealing with the construction of the new gym, but do you really know what it is for? It is for solving issues such as space for lobo sports.

The new gym’s construction began on April 28, 2017. It was going to start in 2015 but it was delayed with all new adjustments at Yucca elementary and the expansion of Chaparral Elementary. The auxiliary gym will be fully functional next school year.

This new auxiliary gym will be used for sports such as basketball, volleyball and wrestling. This will be a great addition to this school because it will provide more space for these sports. It can house practice and tournaments.

This new auxiliary gym will have 454 seats, two men’s and women’s restrooms. Bleachers will only be on one side of the gym. The first floor will house a lobby, home and visitor locker rooms, a training room and the court. The mezzanine will have another lobby and will only be used for wrestling.

In addition for solving issues such as space for lobo sports, Chaparral High School will have another indoor facility for bad weather.

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Our new Tech at CHS

Brian Trujillo is the new Tech at Chaparral High School. Chaparral High School has without a technology tech since school started.

Trujillo comes from Las Cruces. His favorite technology products are computers and programming, and his least favorite are networking products. When he is stuck with a problem he often asks for help.

“Sometimes I like to work alone but it depends on what type of work it is,” said Trujillo. His definition of hard work is dedicating your time on what you like. He says, “It isn’t hard to be a tech, unless the school has a lot of technology.”

Trujillo likes to work with people that are open minded. What interested him about our district is that it is a good start because he could get better at working on computers. Later he could work with other districts. He graduated New Mexico State University two years ago. The software tool he uses on a daily basis is a Microsoft.

Trujillo considers himself an introvert and keeps things to himself. He graduated in 2010 from Mayfield High School and went on to study technology at NMSU for five years. He likes our school because he meets new people every day.

He has only worked for this district. “I have only worked for this district.” Said Trujillo, “I’ve worked on computers for four years.”

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Freshmen Lobo Leaders

Andrea Marquez is the new freshman class president. Marquez said, “My main goal as president would be to unite the class, to be their voice and to take their own suggestions.”  Marquez decided to become president because she looked forward to cheer on the class of 2021 and to influence creativity. Alexa Cervantes, freshman vice president, influenced Andrea to become president because she thought that the class of 2021 needed some leadership.

Marquez wants Chaparral High School to know that she is, “thankful and humbled by becoming president.” She will be running for president next year as a sophomore.

“I am excited about working as president of the freshman class, creating a fun learning place, and making people want to come to school every day,” said Marquez.

Marquez said, “She will gather, evaluate and act on information at Chaparral High School.” Her plans are working on interclass communication, for the class of 2021.

Cervantes plans on making the school fun and helping people get along she said, “I was interested in becoming vice president because I feel like I have a strong personality and I like being a leader.” A thing she wants Chaparral High School to know is that she is a very determined person and likes helping people. events that will interest the people in our school. “I plan on running for president next year as a sophomore because I want to be creative and make the students get along and focus on school,” said Cervantes. Her goals are to support the president and provide feedback and input for the freshman class.

During the campaign the vice president felt anxious and nervous that she was not going to win because one of her goals was to become vice president. Cervantes said, “I was not confident that I was going to win because I had many worries that my competitors were going to win, but then I got support from my friends that kept me going through competition.”

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Coloring; the often underappreciated activity that formed most (if not all) of our childhood creative sparks; the sparks that formed wild castles and dragons; sparks that ignited fun fantasies of our childhood; the sparks that formed who we are today; sparks forged by Crayola, its scientists and its amazing crayons.

Crayola’s scientists created a new hue of blue and asked fans to decide the color’s name. Crayola is looking to replace the recently retired Dandelion crayon with this new color. Crayola looked through nearly 90,000 name submissions and narrowed it down to five names: Dreams Come Blue, Bluetiful, Moon Bliss, Reach for the Stars, and Star Spangled Blue. After fans voted among these five names, Bluetiful ended up the grand champion and will soon replace Dandelion


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