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Welcome Mr. Lugo


Leonardo Lugo

Leonardo Lugo was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, who before working at Chaparral High School, worked as a Special Education Assistant for Santa Teresa Middle School.

His background with special needs children makes him qualified to work as a Special Education teacher. “This job will be my main job,” said Lugo. “I want to help children, because something as simple as cooking is easy to you, but something like this can be a challenge for them.” He seeks to help his students anyway he can.

He hopes to integrate his special needs students with regular students classes. “A teacher should connect with his or her students because it’s a key component in teaching. The important thing is to not only teach, but to be a role model to your students,” said Lugo. Along with this he hopes to gain more experience revolving around special education. 

New Mexico College Tuition 2020

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham


In New Mexico’s recent legislative meeting our governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, proposed a plan that will make college tuition free for in-state residents. 

The Opportunity Scholarship?

“The Opportunity Scholarship would be available to all New Mexico residents regardless of income,” said New Mexico’s Governor. The proposed scholarship can cover the remaining fees that are not covered by other awards that the state offers.

Who Will It Help?

According to Carmen Lopez-Wilson, deputy secretary of the state’s higher education department. The Opportunity Scholarship will be available to recent high school graduates, GED earners and returning adults, as well as undocumented students. Adults who previously enrolled in college can return under the scholarship while attending college part-time, other students are expected to enroll full-time. Students must also maintain a GPA of 2.5.

What if you don’t live in New Mexico? 

The Opportunity Scholarship would only be available to New Mexico residents, but have hope because it isn’t the only college in The United States that offers free tuition to its in state residents. Other scholarships include New York’s Excelsior Scholarship and Tennessee’s two-year, tuition-free community colleges.

What if you already have student loans?

If you already own student loans then their fees must be paid, but financial consultation will be provided to these students along with information and aid to several sites that help students with their payments such as Student Loan Refinancing, Student Loan Consolidation, Income-Driven Repayment Plans, and Student Loan Forgiveness.


How would New Mexico intend to pay for the program?  If New Mexico’s Legislative branch decides to appropriate funds for the proposal then it will be paid with New Mexico’s general fund. With New Mexico showing growth in it’s gas and oil industries then its state revenue will grow, providing the ability to pay for more programs like The Opportunity Scholarship. The New Mexico Legislative Branch has estimated the cost for this program to be at $25 to $35 million, which Lopez-Wilson called a “very realistic estimate.” estimate


Welcome Ms. Alvarez

Lucy Alvarez

Welcome Our New Counselor Ms. Alvarez


            Chaparral High School’s newest counselor, Ms Lucy Alvarez, has transformed into a prideful Lobo after three years of being a youthful Knight.

           She began working as a counselor in El Paso, Texas at Bowie High School, but it’s now a middle school located on South Cotton Street at Sixth Avenue in  Segundo Barrio. Alvarez changed jobs twice, originally working at Chaparral Middle School and now Chaparral High School. “I had selected this job for a change in my worldly view and to help students reach their goals. I wish we could reach students better than we can now when it comes to education, but for the most part I will continue doing what I can,” specified Alvarez.

           “The policies are fine and I believe the school to be a healthy environment. Our district is good and our level in district isn’t where it needs to be, but it could be worse,” Said Alvarez. “We’re a very positive town and this energy ties in to the outcome of students at our school, so knowing that the energy we happen to give off can have lasting effects on others means good things for us.”  She continued to blend how our community affects students here at school. 

           “I think my coworkers are very professional and if a problem would arise then as professionals we would be able to solve it in a polite manner without disrupting our superiors,” said Alvarez.