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Every Ending Has A New Beginning

Paulina Rodriguez

There has been a rumor going around that our attendance clerk, Paulina Rodriguez, is leaving Chaparral High School.

That rumor has been confirmed by Rodriguez. Rodriguez said, “I am going to be an instructional assistant for kindergarten at Yucca Heights Elementary.”

Rodriguez wanted to have the high school experience, which is why she decided to work at our school in the first place. One thing Rodriguez enjoyed most about her job was working with the students and parents. She left Chaparral High School September 29, the Friday before fall break. We will be needing a new attendance clerk.

Don’t be mean behind the screen

All students, teachers, and staff members at Chaparral High School watched a video on online danger, you never know who is behind the screen.

Bullying can be devastating; it is a major problem that needs to be resolved. Torment can happen anywhere and it can happen to anyone. Harassment affects you in many different ways, and may make you feel sick or lose sleep. Students may think about skipping school or about suicide. If you feel helpless, or know someone that is, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

It’s easy to believe that anything you post online is safe, but in reality, it’s not. You never know what is out there. That online “friend” could be a child predator who may want to hurt you. Whatever you post online is never private, so remember not to get personal and that everyone can see what is posted.

Whatever you post may affect you in the future, so think about your choices because you can lose control of the situation; think about the consequences. There are always dangerous people out there. Not everyone is a friend and there is a risk that they may approach you. They can be anyone, they may lie to you in order to be your “friend”. More than 200,000 people are kidnapped and killed when they unknowingly let a predator in their life. Students and Teachers should take this seriously because this is an issue that is costing lives.

New SPED Coach Montalvo takes on Lobo challenge

Sandra Montalvo

Sandra Montalvo is a newly hired Special Education coach. It is her first year with the Gadsden District and one of her many strengths as a teacher is communication.

Montalvo said, she considers herself an extrovert because she is friendly and well spoken. She decided to become a teacher because she likes working and interacting with students. She likes everybody in our district because they are friendly and helpful. The people who motivate Montalvo are her daughter and her sister.

Montalvo does not have the usual teaching challenges because she teaches employment skills, not a subject, like any new teacher she is getting to know the students.

The person who influenced Montalvo most is her sister because her sister works at Desert View Elementary and she would always talk about how good the students are. As a student, she had her ups and downs, but overall was a very good student.

Montalvo transferred here from P.E.A.K, a behavioral rehabilitation center. Montalvo was formerly a substitute, but she enjoys teaching grades one through six grade, and now she also enjoys teaching high school.

What a visitor to Montalvo’s class would expect to see is action and activity. Montalvo wants people to know that she is a very loyal and honest person and she has complete communication skills and gives one hundred percent.