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Retiring from work, but not from life.

Mark Rupcich

The only principal you’ve known at Chaparral High School is retiring at the end of this school year.

CHS Principal  Mark Rupcich’s best experiences are the success students have made during his eight years as our principal, such as the graduations, awards, and athletic events. He made one special memory at Chaparral High School and that is the support from students and teachers when he contracted cancer.

Rupcich served as principal at different schools for 17 years and has decided to retire from Chaparral High School in 2018.

“After I retire I am planning on hiking and doing lots of fishing and playing with my grandkids,” said Rupcich.

Rupcich has accomplished many things at Chaparral High School by including a new gym and raising SBA test scores. “Thank you all students and teachers for all the support I received,” said Rupcich, “I will miss this school very much. This isn’t a goodbye. It is a see you later, and I’ll always be a lobo.”

This years prom is a Masquerade.

Masquerade prom will be held in May 5, 2018.

Chaparral High School will be having an unforgettable night for seniors, Masquerade prom is heading your way with a moment that soon will become a lifetime memory.

Prom will be held May 5, 2018, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. This year’s prom will be at Cascadas Ballroom, located on 1071 Country Club Road, El Paso.

Tickets will cost $15 for individuals or $25 for couples. Junior and seniors will be allowed to enter, but underclassmen must be escorted.

Susan Sanchez, English teacher and prom organizer said, “Thank you everyone for your support on helping to raise money for prom.”


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.


Graduation countdown on May 26, 2018

Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it cannot be done.  Graduation is coming seniors, it will be held on May 26, 2018.

The graduation ceremony will be at UTEP Don Haskins Center and it will go from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. but times are subject to change.

Mireya Meza, Admin support and bookkeeper at Chaparral High School said, “Normally the stage will be decorated with flower pots and the number 18 will be in carnations (made out of ply wood).”

There are 244 seniors graduating this year. Get ready for your last goodbye at Chaparral High School. It’s been four great years but always remember, once a lobo always a lobo.


$30,000 dollars are available if you apply


American Bank Scholarship application.

College is drawing closer for seniors, bringing with it the terrifying possibility of thousands of dollars in student loans. The American Bank Scholarship is here to calm some of those fears..

The American Bank Scholarship has been going around for more than five years and is worth $3,000 per semester. At this time any senior that is interested needs to go to their counselor. All you need to apply is a 3.0 GPA or better, be a U.S citizen, prove you have been accepted to any college or university, and prove you’ve attended Chaparral High School for at least three years.

The students that receive this scholarship are the ones that apply, they are active and excel in their classes. There are 56 Chaparral High School students that have qualified for the American Bank Scholarship.

Chaparral High School counselor Julian Encina said, “Only 20 recipients will be accepted for this scholarship.” Good luck seniors!

Student bait mouse invasion at CHS

Mice can be disgusting, but we can prevent them. Janitor Christina Nares said, “There is a way to keep mice from coming, and that is for students to not throw food wrappers, and keeping the areas clean.”

Mice have been seen in the gym, A hall, E hall, F hall and G hall. Students should not leave containers open because food leads mice to Chaparral High School.

Janitors have been using glue traps, and mice poison to kill the mice. At this point mice are going to be all over the school so, try keeping the school clean and try not leaving wrappers.  You’re now a Lobo, please pickup after yourself.

Need other classes dont worry schedules have been change

This is how staff keeps track on schedule changes

Chaparral High School has begun the second semester, and students are starting the semester with a new schedule.

Many students are asking why their schedules are being changed and the reason is that some students need a few more credits for New Mexico history or health to meet state requirements.

These new classes may not affect you unless you decide to slack off.  Here are some tips so you won’t fall behind with your new schedule changes: do your work at all times, don’t be absent, and try your best.







PARCC, EOC, and ADC, it’s all a test to me.

Lobos just finished taking EOC testing for health and NM history, and winter break is  around the corner, so  lobos are anxious to get testing over with and proceed into 17 days  of relaxation. We are five months away from starting core area EOC testing which start May, 7, 2018. The EOC testing schedule is:

English 3: Reading Biology World History Music 9-12
English 4: Reading Chemistry Culinary Arts 1  
English 3: Writing Physical Science General Computer Applications  
English 4: Writing Physics Art 9-12  
Algebra 1 Anatomy and Physiology Digital Photography  
Algebra 2 U.S History Health  
Geometry U.S Government Physical Education


Financial Literacy N.M. History Spanish 1 Non Native  


Chaparral High School students will need to study hard to succeed on these tests. Students have to be consistent on what they are doing like study and work hard. Students will be EOC testing on a computer, separated from friends. It is confirmed this test will be challenging because the state wants to know how much you learned during both semesters said Mark Rupcich.

Chaparral High School principal Mark Rupcich said, this test is important because “we test too much. Biggest difference are for students who failed to pass the PARCC, but we use EOC testing as a way to graduate through Alternative Demonstration of Competency. ADC is for students that do not pass the state assessment. The students are allowed to go to that program, the councilors look to see how far they were from passing the test, so the councilors look the ADC forms and plug in the points and see if the student has a chance to graduate through ADC.”



The road to success is always under construction

Johnny Acuña

No student wants to go to a school with broken campus equipment.  That’s why Chaparral High School hired a new maintenance employee, Johnny Acuña.

Acuña has dealt with campus repairs for over 20 years. Acuña attended Western Tech where he learned everything he knows.

If Acuña sees a problem but is unsure of a solution, he checks with fellow coworkers to see if the problem has to do with electricity, voltage, switches, or controls.

Acuña worked at Desert Trail Elementary for 20 years before being transferred to Chaparral High School. Acuña said “I enjoy doing maintenance because it is not the same routine every day”.

Acuña is grateful for having a good job where he can gain experience.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Do you have a grip on your grades? If not progress reports will be coming out on November 17th so you can check!

In your progress reports you will see your class schedule, your quarter one and quarter two grades, and your tardies and absences. Why are your progress reports important? Progress reports are important to any student because they tell you how your grades are and if you need help with any subject. Semester grades affect your overall GPA there are only 24 more days till final semester test.

On November 20th we will have Thanksgiving break, a time to distract students from school.

Get adjusted to defend yourself against the flu bug

Winter time is paradise for the flu virus, and in order to combat this nasty bug, Chaparral High School will be hosting a flu vaccination sponsored by GISD and Walgreens on November 8. The vaccination will be offered to employees and families to help prevent disease and lower sick days.

DeCastro said “We won’t accept students because is most useful for employees, because the flu shot for older people is more important.” The event will last from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and employees must bring their insurance or prescription card.

Assistant Sandra Valadez seated and Nurse Carole DeCastro .

The flu shot may hurt, but it is worth it because you won’t get sick as often as you used to. There is one side effect from the flu shot, which is usually mild flu-like symptoms.

The school hosts this event every fall so employees and teachers won’t get sick. The sponsors are looking for a large turnout this year.