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Costumes and Pumpkins and Candy, Oh My!


Chaparral High School will be celebrating Halloween October 30 . Students and staff will be allowed to wear costumes and students will have the chance to win a school costume contest, the judges will be Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Jarnigan

Lobos celebrate Halloween every year which gives students the freedom to wear costumes, but they are not allowed to wear masks.  There won’t be decorations for Halloween because the school is trying to save the money for the Homecoming dance.

Every year at Chaparral High School, pre-kinder students will come dressed up for Halloween to collect treats. Students and teachers are allowed to gift candy to the lobo cubs. There will be a morning and afternoon group, so they won’t lose their way from the den.

There won’t be decorations for Halloween because the school is trying to save the money for the dance.

Happy Halloween!!!


Freshmen Lobo Leaders

Andrea Marquez is the new freshman class president. Marquez said, “My main goal as president would be to unite the class, to be their voice and to take their own suggestions.”  Marquez decided to become president because she looked forward to cheer on the class of 2021 and to influence creativity. Alexa Cervantes, freshman vice president, influenced Andrea to become president because she thought that the class of 2021 needed some leadership.

Marquez wants Chaparral High School to know that she is, “thankful and humbled by becoming president.” She will be running for president next year as a sophomore.

“I am excited about working as president of the freshman class, creating a fun learning place, and making people want to come to school every day,” said Marquez.

Marquez said, “She will gather, evaluate and act on information at Chaparral High School.” Her plans are working on interclass communication, for the class of 2021.

Cervantes plans on making the school fun and helping people get along she said, “I was interested in becoming vice president because I feel like I have a strong personality and I like being a leader.” A thing she wants Chaparral High School to know is that she is a very determined person and likes helping people. events that will interest the people in our school. “I plan on running for president next year as a sophomore because I want to be creative and make the students get along and focus on school,” said Cervantes. Her goals are to support the president and provide feedback and input for the freshman class.

During the campaign the vice president felt anxious and nervous that she was not going to win because one of her goals was to become vice president. Cervantes said, “I was not confident that I was going to win because I had many worries that my competitors were going to win, but then I got support from my friends that kept me going through competition.”

New AP English 3 Teacher Comes To CHS

Patricia Franklin

Patricia Franklin is the new AP English 3 teacher at Chaparral High School. She has been teaching for 27 years in different schools.

Franklin enjoys teaching because every day there is always something new. Franklin likes working with kids because she knows what the world out there is going to expect from them.

She likes Chaparral High School, and prefers Chaparral over being in the city. Franklin decided to become a teacher because of her professors.

As a student, Franklin ran track and would go in a corner and read her books. Franklin has not only taught students, she has also worked in a physician’s office.

The school that Franklin retired from was Lincoln Middle School in EPLSD.  Her greatest strength as a teacher is that she believes in the best of her students and feels that “failure is not an option.”  Franklin makes sure her students are on task and that students have aspirational ideas. Franklin decided to come to Chaparral High School because she heard a lot good things about the principal, the staff and the students.

Franklin grew up in El Paso, but says that Chaparral feels like home to her. Franklin wants everyone at Chaparral High School to know about her is that she is part of a western reenactment group called “Gun Fires”.