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Student bait mouse invasion at CHS

Mice can be disgusting, but we can prevent them. Janitor Christina Nares said, “There is a way to keep mice from coming, and that is for students to not throw food wrappers, and keeping the areas clean.”

Mice have been seen in the gym, A hall, E hall, F hall and G hall. Students should not leave containers open because food leads mice to Chaparral High School.

Janitors have been using glue traps, and mice poison to kill the mice. At this point mice are going to be all over the school so, try keeping the school clean and try not leaving wrappers.  You’re now a Lobo, please pickup after yourself.

Need other classes dont worry schedules have been change

This is how staff keeps track on schedule changes

Chaparral High School has begun the second semester, and students are starting the semester with a new schedule.

Many students are asking why their schedules are being changed and the reason is that some students need a few more credits for New Mexico history or health to meet state requirements.

These new classes may not affect you unless you decide to slack off.  Here are some tips so you won’t fall behind with your new schedule changes: do your work at all times, don’t be absent, and try your best.







PARCC, EOC, and ADC, it’s all a test to me.

Lobos just finished taking EOC testing for health and NM history, and winter break is  around the corner, so  lobos are anxious to get testing over with and proceed into 17 days  of relaxation. We are five months away from starting core area EOC testing which start May, 7, 2018. The EOC testing schedule is:

English 3: Reading Biology World History Music 9-12
English 4: Reading Chemistry Culinary Arts 1  
English 3: Writing Physical Science General Computer Applications  
English 4: Writing Physics Art 9-12  
Algebra 1 Anatomy and Physiology Digital Photography  
Algebra 2 U.S History Health  
Geometry U.S Government Physical Education


Financial Literacy N.M. History Spanish 1 Non Native  


Chaparral High School students will need to study hard to succeed on these tests. Students have to be consistent on what they are doing like study and work hard. Students will be EOC testing on a computer, separated from friends. It is confirmed this test will be challenging because the state wants to know how much you learned during both semesters said Mark Rupcich.

Chaparral High School principal Mark Rupcich said, this test is important because “we test too much. Biggest difference are for students who failed to pass the PARCC, but we use EOC testing as a way to graduate through Alternative Demonstration of Competency. ADC is for students that do not pass the state assessment. The students are allowed to go to that program, the councilors look to see how far they were from passing the test, so the councilors look the ADC forms and plug in the points and see if the student has a chance to graduate through ADC.”



The road to success is always under construction

Johnny Acuña

No student wants to go to a school with broken campus equipment.  That’s why Chaparral High School hired a new maintenance employee, Johnny Acuña.

Acuña has dealt with campus repairs for over 20 years. Acuña attended Western Tech where he learned everything he knows.

If Acuña sees a problem but is unsure of a solution, he checks with fellow coworkers to see if the problem has to do with electricity, voltage, switches, or controls.

Acuña worked at Desert Trail Elementary for 20 years before being transferred to Chaparral High School. Acuña said “I enjoy doing maintenance because it is not the same routine every day”.

Acuña is grateful for having a good job where he can gain experience.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Do you have a grip on your grades? If not progress reports will be coming out on November 17th so you can check!

In your progress reports you will see your class schedule, your quarter one and quarter two grades, and your tardies and absences. Why are your progress reports important? Progress reports are important to any student because they tell you how your grades are and if you need help with any subject. Semester grades affect your overall GPA there are only 24 more days till final semester test.

On November 20th we will have Thanksgiving break, a time to distract students from school.

Get adjusted to defend yourself against the flu bug

Winter time is paradise for the flu virus, and in order to combat this nasty bug, Chaparral High School will be hosting a flu vaccination sponsored by GISD and Walgreens on November 8. The vaccination will be offered to employees and families to help prevent disease and lower sick days.

DeCastro said “We won’t accept students because is most useful for employees, because the flu shot for older people is more important.” The event will last from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and employees must bring their insurance or prescription card.

Assistant Sandra Valadez seated and Nurse Carole DeCastro .

The flu shot may hurt, but it is worth it because you won’t get sick as often as you used to. There is one side effect from the flu shot, which is usually mild flu-like symptoms.

The school hosts this event every fall so employees and teachers won’t get sick. The sponsors are looking for a large turnout this year.

Costumes and Pumpkins and Candy, Oh My!


Chaparral High School will be celebrating Halloween October 30 . Students and staff will be allowed to wear costumes and students will have the chance to win a school costume contest, the judges will be Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Jarnigan

Lobos celebrate Halloween every year which gives students the freedom to wear costumes, but they are not allowed to wear masks.  There won’t be decorations for Halloween because the school is trying to save the money for the Homecoming dance.

Every year at Chaparral High School, pre-kinder students will come dressed up for Halloween to collect treats. Students and teachers are allowed to gift candy to the lobo cubs. There will be a morning and afternoon group, so they won’t lose their way from the den.

There won’t be decorations for Halloween because the school is trying to save the money for the dance.

Happy Halloween!!!


Freshmen Lobo Leaders

Andrea Marquez is the new freshman class president. Marquez said, “My main goal as president would be to unite the class, to be their voice and to take their own suggestions.”  Marquez decided to become president because she looked forward to cheer on the class of 2021 and to influence creativity. Alexa Cervantes, freshman vice president, influenced Andrea to become president because she thought that the class of 2021 needed some leadership.

Marquez wants Chaparral High School to know that she is, “thankful and humbled by becoming president.” She will be running for president next year as a sophomore.

“I am excited about working as president of the freshman class, creating a fun learning place, and making people want to come to school every day,” said Marquez.

Marquez said, “She will gather, evaluate and act on information at Chaparral High School.” Her plans are working on interclass communication, for the class of 2021.

Cervantes plans on making the school fun and helping people get along she said, “I was interested in becoming vice president because I feel like I have a strong personality and I like being a leader.” A thing she wants Chaparral High School to know is that she is a very determined person and likes helping people. events that will interest the people in our school. “I plan on running for president next year as a sophomore because I want to be creative and make the students get along and focus on school,” said Cervantes. Her goals are to support the president and provide feedback and input for the freshman class.

During the campaign the vice president felt anxious and nervous that she was not going to win because one of her goals was to become vice president. Cervantes said, “I was not confident that I was going to win because I had many worries that my competitors were going to win, but then I got support from my friends that kept me going through competition.”

New AP English 3 Teacher Comes To CHS

Patricia Franklin

Patricia Franklin is the new AP English 3 teacher at Chaparral High School. She has been teaching for 27 years in different schools.

Franklin enjoys teaching because every day there is always something new. Franklin likes working with kids because she knows what the world out there is going to expect from them.

She likes Chaparral High School, and prefers Chaparral over being in the city. Franklin decided to become a teacher because of her professors.

As a student, Franklin ran track and would go in a corner and read her books. Franklin has not only taught students, she has also worked in a physician’s office.

The school that Franklin retired from was Lincoln Middle School in EPLSD.  Her greatest strength as a teacher is that she believes in the best of her students and feels that “failure is not an option.”  Franklin makes sure her students are on task and that students have aspirational ideas. Franklin decided to come to Chaparral High School because she heard a lot good things about the principal, the staff and the students.

Franklin grew up in El Paso, but says that Chaparral feels like home to her. Franklin wants everyone at Chaparral High School to know about her is that she is part of a western reenactment group called “Gun Fires”.