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Automotive Teacher Begins Second Year On The Job

Jack Younker

The new Automotive teacher is Jack Younker.

He just joined Chaparral High School this January and became a Lobo. Younker says, “I came to this institution because this school gave me the opportunity to teach as an Automotive teacher since they didn’t have one after the last one left. I accepted because it wasn’t a boring job of a Math or English teacher even though I taught some of those subjects years ago.” Younker has been teaching high school for 20 years as a Math, English, Science and History teacher, but this is his third year teaching as an Automotive teacher. Younker commented “What I like about this institution is the school calendar we have like spring break, winter break, summer break, fall break and Thanksgiving break. I still get paid even when I’m not working so that’s even better!”

Younker said, “My strengths as a teacher are probably being able to teach what I like to do for a living, and my knowledge in content”. To which he also added, “My weaknesses as a teacher are organization, like my lesson plans and staying on task. Those weaknesses are the hardest for me”.

During college, he had most credits in education which is the reason why he decided to become a teacher. Younker dropped out of college the first year but came back the second year and finished his career in four years. While he was in college, he worked at three jobs at a time, he worked at bed and breakfast during the morning, horse trainer in in the afternoon, and he worked as a dishwasher at night.

Younker says, “Before I was a teacher I was on the Top 20 Horse Trainers Of The World since I was 16 years old.” Younker adds, “I want to be remembered for that because it’s something I’m proud of and makes me who I am and it’s part of my background.”

Younker was born March 4, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He graduated from Pecos High School located in Pecos, New Mexico. Younker then graduated from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico.