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What is National Honors Society?

Being a top tier student can have its perks.

National Honor Society (NHS) is a program that recognizes outstanding achievements done by outstanding students. NHS is all about Service, leadership, academics and character to self, school, and community. NHS was founded by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

You can apply to become a NHS member if you have a 3.5 GPA and have a clean record, which means to have a record with no criminal history. Most members in NHS are sophomores to seniors. NHS members tend to strive for high academic achievement and promote community service. When applying to NHS you have to be nominated by at least “5 teachers or a faculty council,” said CHS sponsor Fernando Veramontes.

The current president of NHS is a second-year member, Janet Hernandez. She is currently a senior at Chaparral High School. There are “currently 21 members, processing qualified juniors and senior,” Viramontes said. 

Not only do you have to work in this organization you have to have to have hours in the club. “About ten hours with the adviser and at least twenty hours per semester as community service.” Viramontes stated, “Being an NHS sponsor takes a lot of time and effort, but worth it working with outstanding students.”

Who’s the Deputy on Campus?

There’s now a Dona Ana Sheriff’s Office deputy on campus. His name is Jacob Urbina but can be referred to as Deputy Urbina.

Deputy Urbina attended college courses at Dona Ana Community College before realizing he wanted to be in law enforcement. Urbina’s past had many influences on his career; His father had always wanted to be an officer. Urbina’s older brother is a border patrol agent and Deputy Urbina said, “I want to become a border patrol agent in the future.”

Urbina has been working in law enforcement for five years. He started his career by being a guard at the Otero County Detention Facility. He worked at the prison for a year before joining the Dona Ana Sheriff’s Office where he became a Deputy. He started by patrolling Anthony, New Mexico, for four years. Then he was transferred over to Chaparral High School.

Deputy Urbina is stationed at the high school because, as he said, “We were being called to one of the other high schools every day, so they decided to have deputies at the schools.” Deputy Urbina hopes to reduce any violence that occurs at the school and prevent more violence from occurring.

Deputy Urbina was a troublemaker when he was younger. He grew up in Anthony, New Mexico. Deputy Urbina has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for ten years, they have three kids together.

Deputy Urbina would like to connect with the students at Chaparral High School while stationed there. He can’t deal with students the same way he does with adults. Students have to be read their rights before they can be questioned. Students are also given the choice to have their parent with them or they can go through the questioning alone.

Deputy Urbina isn’t really sure how long he will be stationed at Chaparral High School. He can be found in the library if needed. He is opened minded and easy to talk to, he would be glad to help with any problems.