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Franklin Returns to CHS

Patricia Franklin

Do not be alarmed! The person you see in the hallways is not a ghost, it is in fact Ms. Franklin- an English Language Arts Teacher.

Franklin is back! Do not be embarrassed if you were initially surprised or scared. It would not be the first time she’s taught here. She likes to “scare” her students as a way to motivate them to learn- “I scare them…I’m pretty sure I scare them.”
She grew up in Northeast El Paso. That combined with her “love” for the area motivated her to take the job despite being offered a job at the Navajo Indian Reservation in Gallup, New Mexico.
Franklin loves to teach, and has been doing it for 29 years, which leads to the advice she has for people wanting to become teachers- “You gotta love what you do.” Franklin loves drama and excitement. That is what she considers her teaching style to be- “I tend to be very dramatic.” Her strengths as a teacher? “Humor.” You can never go wrong with humor! She believes the biggest challenge as a teacher is the small amount of time there is. “…it just seems like we don’t have enough time to do the things we want to do with our students.”
Students are very important to her, in fact she says her “best teaching moment” was . . ., “There’s so many because students have different situations and if I was able to help them in any way, then that was the best moment.” She continued, “Teaching is not about me, teaching is about the students.” Teaching is important to Franklin because she believes we “need to have an educated citizenry and that students should have the best possible chance for their own success.”
Teaching is not what she expected “and that’s what makes it exciting!”