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Update on New Gym

Most Lobos are dealing with the construction of the new gym, but do you really know what it is for? It is for solving issues such as space for lobo sports.

The new gym’s construction began on April 28, 2017. It was going to start in 2015 but it was delayed with all new adjustments at Yucca elementary and the expansion of Chaparral Elementary. The auxiliary gym will be fully functional next school year.

This new auxiliary gym will be used for sports such as basketball, volleyball and wrestling. This will be a great addition to this school because it will provide more space for these sports. It can house practice and tournaments.

This new auxiliary gym will have 454 seats, two men’s and women’s restrooms. Bleachers will only be on one side of the gym. The first floor will house a lobby, home and visitor locker rooms, a training room and the court. The mezzanine will have another lobby and will only be used for wrestling.

In addition for solving issues such as space for lobo sports, Chaparral High School will have another indoor facility for bad weather.

Welcome Jesse Aguilar

Jesse Aguilar is a new biology teacher at Chaparral high school

Jesse Aguilar is a new biology teacher at  Chaparral High School (CHS).

Aguilar graduated from the home of the miners UTEP. Aguilar has been teaching for 27 years, 25 of which he was head track coach at Franklin High School. Aguilar wanted to focus on academics first but if there is any opportunity in the future he would consider coaching again. Aguilar competed in track and cross country while he was in school.

Aguilar says he was always interested in biology and had great teachers. His favorite subject in school  

beside biology was history. Aguilar came to our school because he wanted to work with Mr. Rupcich. His plan for CHS students is to help them become the best they can be.

Aguilar thinks technology is great and that there should be more in the classroom. He also thinks that there should be more technology because of our generation and how much we depend on it.

When a student walks into his classroom, he expects them to have an open mind and to study and work like a champion. Aguilar is interested in teaching because he likes working on science, he loves coaching sports and he likes working with other teachers.

Aguilar feels that CHS has great staff and that the students are nice and there are great teachers. Aguilar believes himself to be a fair and disciplined teacher. Aguilar wants to people to know that he is a patient person.

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