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Trapped in a cafeteria

School lunch is an underrated portion of a high school student’s day. We work for countless hours constantly wondering what we will fill our stomachs with, and since the beginning of this school year our stomachs have avoided a queasy feeling that once made our mouths dispose of the “hearty” school lunches that were served to us in years before. Gadsden Independent School District decided to serve students better, higher quality food for the 2017-2018 school year, and The Howler has taken notice of this change. We believe this year’s lunch was an improvement over last year’s, and we could not imagine a better upgrade: until now.

News the Santa Fe New Mexican released brought up a restriction that seniors acknowledged existed at one point but over time have forgotten. We are not allowed to eat food outside of the school during lunchtime. As seniors entering adulthood we must get used to eating food that isn’t free, and we are faced with a restriction that should not be there, the closed-campus lunch policy.

Santa Fe High School has gotten rid of the closed-campus lunch policy and implemented an open-campus lunch policy with conditions. Said conditions include: being a senior over the age of 18, maintaining a 2.0 grade-point average, having less than 10 absences per year and having students ask their parents to sign a permission slip allowing said students to take advantage of the freedom.

Though the conditions might stray from allowing all students to take advantage of the open-campus lunch policy, if the policy proves to be effective, the Santa Fe district could be looking towards lifting the closed-campus lunch policy and later adjusting the conditions. The effect this might have on Chaparral High School is distant but is definitely something to watch out for in the future.

Movies at Dolores Wright Park?!

The Chaparral High School FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) group will be hosting movies at Dolores Wright Park on East Lisa Drive, every Saturday of October at 7:30 for anyone who can attend, Chaparral citizen or otherwise. FCCLA will be showing two different movies for the two remaining weeks of October. Here’s a list of the two movies.

  • Saturday, October 21st – Casper
  • Saturday, October 28th – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Movies are free, but snacks are available for purchase. Here’s a list of snacks and their prices:

  • Chicharrones – $.50
  • Hot Chocolate – $1
  • Brownie – $.75
  • 2 Cookies – $1
  • Chips – $.50
  • Honey Bun – $1
  • Capri Sun – $.50
  • Nachos – $1


In addition to chips:

  • Cheese – $.25
  • Valentina – $.25


Coloring; the often underappreciated activity that formed most (if not all) of our childhood creative sparks; the sparks that formed wild castles and dragons; sparks that ignited fun fantasies of our childhood; the sparks that formed who we are today; sparks forged by Crayola, its scientists and its amazing crayons.

Crayola’s scientists created a new hue of blue and asked fans to decide the color’s name. Crayola is looking to replace the recently retired Dandelion crayon with this new color. Crayola looked through nearly 90,000 name submissions and narrowed it down to five names: Dreams Come Blue, Bluetiful, Moon Bliss, Reach for the Stars, and Star Spangled Blue. After fans voted among these five names, Bluetiful ended up the grand champion and will soon replace Dandelion


The Dream Killing Monster . . . $$$

While college is acknowledged by some people as a heavenly tunnel towards their preferred career, other people prefer a darker perspective and here’s why:

A year-long study conducted by National College Health Assessment on 17,000 students concluded that 25 percent of college students developed depression. One of the main reasons for college student depression is debt.

Debt, the antagonist on a college student’s journey to success. A conquerable monster that we must prepare to battle. An ugly beast most have challenged but about 44 million people have not defeated. A leviathan that has grown to 1.4 trillion dollars. How do I prepare for my gruesome war against debt? You might ask. In our high school, the elders who know the answer to avoiding this monster are our counselors: Ms. Armendariz, Ms. Park, Mr. Encina and Ms. Tirado.

Our counselors know this monster well and are prepared to recommend blacksmiths of prestigious ranking to help us in our journey. To learn of these blacksmiths (better known as scholarship opportunities, grants and financial aid) all we must do is ask to set up meetings with our designated counselor. Counselors are here to help us, this doesn’t mean they will fight the monster for us, it only means they will guide us towards scholarship opportunities, grants and financial aid applications which could give us just the right sword to defeat said monster.

“It’s better for the government to pay off college” says Armendariz “it’s expensive, money shouldn’t be the issue.”

“Students don’t take advantage of free money, if you want something, work for it” says Armendariz. She provides financial and test tips for students looking to enter college:

  • Keep in mind that applications for financial aid will begin on October first and that FAFSA night (a night dedicated to FAFSA application) is on a date that is to be determined but should be around October first (Opportunity for a diamond sword)
  • Students are given two waivers for college tests, one for the ACT and one for the SAT. Armendariz recommends students take advantage of waivers
  • There are two websites for preparing for the ACT and SAT (ACT) and (SAT)
  • Keep an eye on what GPA, ACT and SAT score your preferred college recommends
  • Get informed and do not be afraid to ask questions. Teachers and staff are here to help you. Armendariz has seen an “improvement in seniors” from last year to this year. She believes “students are more interested in college”
  • Get involved and better your relationships with people in your school community as well as the Chaparral community. Our counselors believe “it all starts with asking about organizations and getting more knowledgeable on how you can help your community.”

Even knowing these tips students will still find there is lots more you should know about when considering college. Remember to schedule appointments with your counselor (elder); they can help you reach your goals and defeat debt and other monsters you might find hidden on your journey to success.