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Lobo Class of 2017 First American Bank Scholarship Winners

Otero County elementary to open fall 2016 to alleviate overcrowding

Mando's workby Armando Ochoa

Portables at Chaparral elementary schools will disappear in the fall semester of 2016 when Yucca Heights Elementary opens its doors to help alleviate overcrowding.

This is the first school in the Gadsden district that will be in Otero County as all others are located in Dona Ana County. The ground breaking for Yucca Heights Elementary School took place March of 2015. Bradbury construction Co. was selected for the construction contract. The accepted bid for Yucca Heights Elementary was $16.4 million.

Craig Ford, school board representative for the east region of Gadsden Independent School District said, “The school is being built to help alleviate the overcrowding in the already three existing elementarys.”  Yucca Heights Elementary will accommodate 550 students. In order to alleviate the crowding on the other campuses, campus boundaries will be redrawn.


New District Calendar 2015-2016

The new district calendar for the year 2015-2016 is out. School will resume on August 3, 2015. Fall break will be the week of September 28, 2015 to October 2, 2015.  Winter break will be from December 21, 2015 to January 1, 2016. Spring Break will be from March 21, 2016 to March 28, 2016. School will end on May 19, 2016.

Lobo Auto-teacher touts student success at Skills USA competition

by Rubi Cisneros

Students from Chaparral High School represented their school at the Skills USA competition for Automotive Service and Repair on April 10, 2015, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Automotive teacher Mr. Galvan along with five Lobo students departed to the competition on April 8, 2015, and brought back second place won by Jorge Rutiaga in Automotive Maintenance and third place won by  Taran Mays in Automotive Service and Technology.

“These students did not only need knowledge of automotive and service repair, but the interest and ability to compete” he said.

“I felt that they are learning and that whatever I am teaching is being learned. Mostly I was happy that the students placed at the state competition because they work hard in preparing for it. These students have competed for a few years and they get better every year and as a teacher it is satisfying to see this,” said Galvan, “The first year I was here (2011) one student won second place and this year I had students win second and third place.”





Lobo Wrench Rutiaga brings home a silver medal from first Skills USA meet



Jorge Rutiaga, Taran Mays, Ramon Santiago, Stephanie Weinberg, Kevin Hall, and Mr. Robert Galvan (from left to right) at Skills USA Automotive Competition.




by Judith Perez



Chaparral High School Senior Jorge Rutiaga attended the Skills USA  Automotive Repair Competition held April 8, 2015,  in Albuquerque.

Rutiaga said, “There were about 45-50 students competing.” It was his first time attending an automotive competition “Interesting for my first time,” said Rutiaga, “I had to name car parts and take a test about automotive.”

“It’s just the feeling that I love cars in general,” said Rutiaga about why he got interested in automotive. He said that some things about the competition were difficult, but he was proud of himself because he didn’t think he was going to win. Rutiaga scored higher than many other people in this competition and won a silver medal.

Rutiaga said he felt he did well, because he knew how to do most of the stuff on the competition.

“Yes, if I had the chance I would go because it’s good to challenge yourself to do better,” said Rutiaga.


Lobos select familiar face to lead Varsity Soccer team

by Leinny Ramos


New varsity soccer coach Aaron Hernandez coaching practicing Lobos

“The sky is the limit,” said Aaron Hernandez, the new CHS boys soccer head coach. Hernandez has faith in the soccer team and believes that, “They have the opportunity to become a better group, both individually and as a team with hard work and commitment.”

Hernandez is a substitute teacher and a strength conditioning trainer, but besides being a trainer he loves to coach. “I love the game and have played it my whole life. I enjoy working with players and watching them progress into better players” said Coach Hernandez.

Hernandez doesn’t feel the pressure of being the new head varsity coach because he was the assistant coach for the last three years. He has helped the boys to become better players. The new Lobo has a lot of goals for this 2015 season but his primary goal is to, “Compete for a district and state title.”

The soccer team will be training harder than ever because Hernandez said we will “be constantly training at a high level that prepares them physically and mentally,” and “be prepared for our opponents.”

He wants the team to “Continue developing fundamentals and enhancing their skill level. Increase their soccer I.Q. and give the passion that the game deserves.”  Coach Hernandez recognizes how much potential the soccer guys have, so he will push them until they complete their goals.

The main lesson that Hernandez will transmit to the team is that “the team that works the hardest will outplay any team with talent.”

Pack Chaparral takes on state Skills USA and brings home the Gold

by Daisy Robledo

It was April 8, 2015, when Mr. Gabaldon (a.k.a Mr. G) and 22 other people took a trip to Albuquerque to the New Mexico Skills USA Leadership State Conference and Competition for the fifth consecutive time.

Mr. Gabaldon drove a Suburban carrying six students involved in the Skills USA club and/or the BPA club. The reason for them not taking a bus like the rest of the students was because they had to carry all their A/V equipment to compete.

“I’m not trying to break what’s left of my back,” said Mr. G.

Although they traveled in different vehicles, all 19 students and four teachers spent four days at the same Fair Field Marriott motel, then on the ninth of April they took off to several meetings.

On the tenth of April, when the competition for everyone who was competing was held at the Central New Mexico University, the CHS Broadcast News team earned a Gold medal in the Broadcast Journalism division.

“Being state champ just feels good. The trip is always fun, and it’s a great experience,” said senior Israel Hernandez. Senior Leo Moreno added, “It was fun, and it was nice to take away this first place from my bucket list.”

Other Lobos scooped up several awards: Jorge Rutiaga, a Lobo senior earned a Silver Medal in the Automotive Competition; Esmeralda Acencio, a junior earned a Gold Medal in the Early Childhood competition; Taran Mays earned a Bronze Medal in the Automotive competition; Cristal Hernandez earned a Bronze Medal in the Early Childhood competition and the CHS Criminal Justice team earned a Gold Medal in the Criminal Justice Investigation competition.

Mr. G and his pack of Lobos are already planning to bring Chaparral more medals next year.

Mays takes home bronze medal in Automotive Repair contest

by Armando Ochoa

Chaparral High School senior Taran Mays traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 8, 2015, to compete in the New Mexico Skills USA competition held two days later.

Mays competed along with several other Lobos. The state-wide competition had categories ranging from welding to cooking.  Taran competed in the automotive category, but he did not have to supply his own tools. He placed third out of “about 25 competitors.”

“The competition was boring, but I had fun on the trip,” said Mays.

He also stated that his main goal in the competition was to “stay awake.” Mays claimed he got to the regional in the competition by being “smart.” He also said, “Rules were not strict, but I did not like the dress code.”