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   Chaparral High School New History Teacher


This year Chaparral High School hired an abundance of new teachers, one of which was Donald Benson.  Benson previously worked at Gadsden High School as a History teacher and football coach.

Benson received his Bachelor’s degree at The University of Wisconsin La Crosse and studied Political Science. He later moved to El Paso, TX to earn his master’s degree in Education at The University of Texas at El Paso.

Before pursuing his career as a teacher, he joined the army for four years with the rank of first lieutenant to pay for college.

This year Benson is teaching Lobos World History and New Mexico History. His least favorite aspect about teaching is administrative work, giving lectures, and grading.

Benson says that when he sees a student struggle, he meets one-on-one with that student, and uses alternative methods of instruction to accommodate that student’s needs. He addresses kid’s different learning styles by switching lessons into visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading-writing learners.

Benson says that as a teacher, “It is important to establish good relationships with your students.” Benson is also a football coach with 23 years of experience. He does not accept failure on field and much less in the classroom. Mr. Benson is very much looking forward to a great year here at Chaparral High School.