There’s no dance without an organizer

Roses are red, salsa is hot, chocolates have calories and dancing does not. Lobos will be having a red and hot valentine’s day dance.

Susan Sanchez, junior sponsor, is organizing the Valentine’s Day dance at CHS. The dance will be from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the cafeteria.

Sanchez has been planning the dance since Christmas break. The Valentine’s Day dance is on February 14th.

“Mr. Rupcich had the idea of having a Valentine’s Day dance because we need more money for prom since it’s going to be in a ballroom (Cascadas ballroom),” said Sanchez. The decorations that Sanchez is making are balloons, doylies, posters, cupids, hearts and garlands.

“The 2019 and 2021 class officers are going to be helping decorate and the 2020 class officers are going to work in the concession stand,” said Sanchez.

DJ Manuel Bonilla, who won the contest in the Homecoming dance, is going to be playing at the Valentine’s Day dance.

“We need many people in the dance, bracelets are going to cost two dollars,” said Sanchez. Sanchez is selling the bracelets in room A-104.

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Fatal Crash on NM 404 Causes Delayed School Busses

by Katharina Ronquillo and Heaven Telles

Around 1:15 this afternoon a fatal car crash occurred on NM 404, locally known as the Anthony Gap highway. The crash left one person dead on site, and two others have been hospitalized. The extent of their injuries is unreported according to New Mexico State Police Department Sergeant Chad Pierce.

The accident involved at least two vehicles and eyewitnesses report having seen smoke surrounding the accident. It is not yet known how the collision occurred.

Due to the accident, NM 404 will be shut down from mile marker 0 to mile marker 8 until at least seven this evening, providing paramedics and other officials time to clear the scene. This will result in delayed school busses for Chaparral High, Chaparral Middle, Chaparral Elementary, Desert Trail Elementary, and Sunrise Elementary schools.

Parents have been notified of the delayed busses through the schools’ home call systems.


(This story was sourced from multiple, local commercial news outlets including: Las Cruces Sun-News, KFOX, El Paso and KVIA)

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Hard Work (hopefully) Pays Off for Lobo Wrestlers

Chaparral High School’s wrestling team has trained hard and they are ready to show it in this weekend’s District Competition.

The students will be wrestling on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. at Roswell High School in Roswell, New Mexico. According to Coach Carl Guillermo the following CHS wrestlers are competing in their weight class: Angel Coheto 113, Cesar Gamboa 126, Alejandro Guzman 132, Jonathan Dominguez 138, Jesus “Chino” Rodriguez 145, Stephen Nevarez 152, Steven Weinberg 160, Nehemias “Neo” Cortez 195, Mikele Nevarez 220, Adam Ibarra 285 with Julia Navarro 121 competing in Exhibition.

The schools participating in this weekend’s State Championship Qualifying event include Alamogordo High School, Goddard High School, Deming High School, Santa Teresa High School and Chaparral High School

Coach Guillermo hopes to reach the state tournament in Albuquerque, but also hopes that in the future the tournament will be hosted by New Mexico State University’s Pan American Center.

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Student bait mouse invasion at CHS

Mice can be disgusting, but we can prevent them. Janitor Christina Nares said, “There is a way to keep mice from coming, and that is for students to not throw food wrappers, and keeping the areas clean.”

Mice have been seen in the gym, A hall, E hall, F hall and G hall. Students should not leave containers open because food leads mice to Chaparral High School.

Janitors have been using glue traps, and mice poison to kill the mice. At this point mice are going to be all over the school so, try keeping the school clean and try not leaving wrappers.  You’re now a Lobo, please pickup after yourself.

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner

If chocolate smells like love, then culinary arts is definitely selling love for Valentine’s Day.

Veronica Garcia’s culinary arts classes will be making candy bouquets for Valentine’s Day. Advanced classes ProStart 1 and 2 will be making chocolate truffles. FCCLA will be making chocolate covered strawberries.

Students will be able to pre-order candy bouquets, chocolate truffles and chocolate covered strawberries February 5 and the orders will be delivered on Valentine’s Day.

ProStart 1 student, Anthony Soriano says, “the chocolate truffles seem easy to make and will help the group.”

Be sure to get your valentine a treat.


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Girl’s Soccer Score 5 More Wins

The girls’ soccer program had a better season than the previous year by five more wins. The last time they won this many games was more than five years ago.

Girls soccer head coach Stephanie Sazo said, “The varsity girls improved so much I was shocked compared to last year.” Sazo would like more people to join the program, and she believes that girls’ soccer will make a big impact on lobo land

The captains for the girls’ varsity soccer team were Bianca Mares and Priscilla Marquez. Mares is a junior and was a midfielder, and Marquez is a senior and was a goalkeeper. The varsity girls’ team consists of seven freshmen, three sophomores, six juniors and one senior.

The captains for the Junior varsity team were Abigail Villa and Leslie Perez. Villa is a sophomore mid-fielder, and a striker; Perez is a sophomore defender and sweeper. The JV consists of four freshmen, five sophomores and five juniors.

One of the varsity soccer player Heaven Telles she played defense and she said “That the freshmen had a big impact on the varsity team.” The freshmen consisted of Heaven Telles, Lisset Holguin, Karen Perches, Andrea Marquez, Stephanie Palomares, Perla Guzman, Odette Pacheco, Nuvia Soto, Noemi Castro and Annie Arellano.

The sophomores will need to be leaders for the underclassman, so in the future they can step up to the plate. The sophomores in the soccer program are Mia Lopez, Erica Ramirez, Samantha Duran, Abigail Villa, Kenia Gonzalez, Keyla Mijares, Leslie Perez and Ruth Sanchez.

The juniors will have to step up to plate since they will be seniors next year. The junior are Stephanie Pena, Nathaly Reyes, Kimberly Alvarez, Brianna Ibarra, Amy Trejo, Nubia Soto, Leslie Perez, Andrea Porras, Cecilia Valenzuela, Marisol Cordova, and Bianca Mares.

The following senior is having her final year with the girls’ soccer team. That senior is Priscilla Marquez. Pricilla was the captain and the goalkeeper for the Varsity soccer team.

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New Spanish teacher is not a Rookie

Patricia Ramos-Carrillo

Chaparral High School’s Modern Language Department has bounced back with the hiring of a new Spanish teacher.

Patricia Ramos-Carrillo is Chaparral High School’s newest addition to the Modern Languages Department. She is taking charge of Spanish 1 for native Spanish speakers and Spanish 1 for non-native Spanish speakers.

Carrillo transferred from Franklin High School in El Paso because she retired in the state of Texas after 31 years and decided she still wanted to work. At Franklin High School she taught Pre-Advanced Placement Spanish, third level Spanish, and Spanish for both native and non-native speakers.

Starting mid-school year is a disadvantage and Carrillo is well aware and plans to work with students in order to prepare them for End of Course exams. Another disadvantage she faces is working with a new district with very different rules and a new schedule. “There is not enough time… in other schools there are 90-minute time periods and here it is 45 minutes,” said Carrillo.

In order to maintain order Carrillo plans on “addressing situations as they come up” and believes that parent communication is key. “Respect students and you will receive it,” is Carrillo’s number one rule in class.

Carrillo is a graduate from New Mexico State University (NMSU), the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and Sul Ross State where she was a Lobo. At NMSU she earned her Administrative Degree, at UTEP she earned a degree in Special Education and at Sul Ross she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Administration.

Many children have trouble figuring out what they want to become as adults, but  Carrillo knew she wanted to teach Spanish at the age of nine. Carrillo grew up in a time where you were punished by teachers if you spoke Spanish in school. She felt this was unfair and decided to fight against it by becoming a Spanish teacher.

Carrillo enjoys teaching and helping her students because she feels that high school is just a “preparation for what is yet to come.”

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Gadsden Independent School District Bond Election May Fund Chaparral Schools

Chaparral High School may be tapping into a source of income that will fix maintenance issues if voters approve Gadsden Independent School District’s (GISD) request to do so.

A GISD bond election is going to be held February 6 2018 in five different voting districts from Dessert View Elementary to Mesquite Elementary. The bond is going to fund buildings, grounds, and equipment at several Chaparral schools including Chaparral High School, Sunrise Elementary School, Desert Trail Elementary School, and Chaparral Middle School.

A bond election is basically a community’s response to a government proposal to use money on public projects. Approved bond elections provide money to fund school renovations, additions and improvements. Operating expenses such as salaries cannot be funded by bond sales.

Registered voters that are active members of the school district may vote in the bond election. Voters decide whether to accept or deny the government proposal to fund the bond sales. Road paving, and new heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC) pipes are what the bonds will pay for for Chaparral High School, if voters approve the bond.

Bus drivers transit an unpaved road behind Q and R buildings in the northern section of Chaparral High School every school day; they sometimes experience the unfortunate event of students tramping through and smearing it on floors. Paving the road will solve that issue and make the road smoother and easier for bus drivers to pass through, resulting in a better passenger experience for Lobos.

Heating, venting, and air-conditioning pipes will be replaced resulting in better air quality, decreased utility costs and consistent heating and cooling inside Chaparral High School.

Travis L. Dempsey, Gadsden Independent School Districts superintendent, states that the bond sales will not raise property taxes.The money that will fund schools was approved in a Two Mil Capital Improvements Tax Levy in February 2014 and GISD is seeking re-approval in the upcoming bond election. With the re-approval of the levy, schools will have a source of funding for six years of maintenance projects.

Although the bond election is a simple act, what the bond does is a complex process which should be understood by voters so they make the best decision for Chaparral and its children.

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Brain Shaking Future Making Competition

Want competition without the disgusting sweat and bad odors? Join Business Professionals of America (BPA).

Chaparral High School has a BPA group that stays after school on Tuesdays to work on competitions which earn them experience in the business field of their choice. Artistic competitions for BPA involve creating graphics, videos, and photographs for businesses. Mathematical competitions for BPA involve accounting, economic research and banking and financing. Competitions will never result in sore muscles which any sport is guaranteed to provide.

Business Professionals of America also provides volunteering hours for students who want to volunteer during competitions or for Torch Awards. Torch Awards is not a competition but is instead an alternative way to go to regional, state and national competitions. To compete in Torch Awards students must work to get points for seven different categories: Leadership, Service, Cooperation, Knowledge, Friendship, Love Hope Faith,  and Patriotism. Each category has a list of jobs and students can choose which jobs they want to do based on how many points they have and how many points each job offers. Sports may never anything like torch awards unless you consider bench warming a “volunteer experience”.

Business Professionals of America has helped students gain experience in professional fields rather than on football fields where a job is almost impossible to get and for that we wish them the best in future competitions.

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No F’s allowed

Not worried about your grades? Well, one wrong decision could make you ineligible for all extracurricular activities for a full semester because of a new state policy.

“The new athletic qualification policy requires students that participate in all extracurricular activities to have zero F’s. If you have an F you are now going to be ineligible for your extracurricular activities for a full semester instead of the usual nine weeks,” said Chaparral High School Assistant Principal Roberto Mata. “This policy was made to motivate students to pass classes when they are participating in extracurricular activities. This policy was also made to make sure that students are graduating on time and not having to go to Desert Pride for credit recovery.”                     

This policy is actually helping students stay motivated and pass their classes. The purpose of this new policy is not to cut students from extracurricular activities.Instead, it is  to motivate and help the students have a better future. Chaparral High School administrators are hoping that this new policy encourages students to perform better in their classes so that they will be eligible to play or participate in a club.

The new athletic qualification policy was initially made because there have been circumstances where athletes have had to go to Desert Pride for credit recovery. This policy was created by the state, then the policy went to the district where the school board voted yes. The policy will affect any type of academic clubs and anybody that competes or is in a sport.

“This new policy seems strict but we hope that this new policy helps benefit the students and offers them a better future,” said Mata. Students will have an opportunity beginning the summer of 2018 to make up multiple courses to attempt to gain eligibility. Any class that can be replaced based on the local district policy can be taken and have the grade replaced to regain eligibility for all extracurricular activities. The class that you are going to be taking for replacement must be the exact course that was listed on the official transcript.

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