Chaparral High School’s newest security guard!

New Security Guard Orlando Reyes
New Security Guard Orlando Reyes

Chaparral High School welcomes Orlando Reyes, its newest security guard. With two years of experience at the Marine Corps, he looks forward into starting his first year as a security guard at C.H.S. Even though a security guard is not what he wants to do for a very long time.

“The Marine Corps was my first job after I graduated Mayfield High School, but now that I began my career as a security guard it makes me miss combat,” said Reyes. “I went to combat to Iraq 2008-2009 and Afghanistan 2009-2010.” Which is probably why Reyes’ ideal working environment is around artillery.

“I graduated from The University of Phoenix, and I plan on becoming a Juvenile Probation Officer,” said Reyes. He does not plan of being a security guard only, and in five years he sees himself as a Juvenile P.O. But, he says, that this can be a great experience for him when he becomes a Juvenile P.O.

“The achievement I’m most proud of is earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice,” said Reyes. This accomplishment still continues to motivate Reyes to go even further in his career.

“My long life dreams are to retire when 45, and own my own gym,” said Reyes. He plans on retiring as a Juvenile P.O. and owning his own gym at home.


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Having a sense of Security

Lobos have the privilege of driving to school, but fall short when they would like to park inside the fence, protected from thieves and vandalism.

Students at Chaparral high school must pay for the privilege of parking on campus. The whole issue of parking has led to some unreasonable solutions. Students are parking behind the campus outside the fence.

Nine years ago, Mr. Diggs, the inaugural principal of the school, set the price for the parking stickers at $10. It has not changed since.  The price can be deemed fair and can also be considered cheap. “… You guys are lucky. Gadsden [High School] charges $20,” said Guadalupe Quinones, head security guard. To say the students have it easy is true, but why even charge the students to park on campus?

“It teaches students responsibility and shows them what’s in store for when they want to park at a college campus,” says Mireya Meza, administrative assistant/book keeper. Meza says the money is used for, “student activities and if sponsors need a loan.” She is all for charging the students to park on campus.

As much as security tries to stop students from parking inside, some students still manage to park illegally. “They [security] try hard to find out who they’re charging,” says Meza. This means security may have unjustly charged the wrong student. Guadalupe admitted that she accidentally charged a student, “I know I did two years ago, but the problem was addressed and resolved.”

“We should be allowed to park inside without paying because there have been many accidents ever since students have been required to park outside the school. It is also easier for students to leave school.” Said Kevin Faudoa.

Deep down the students just want to have a sense of security but that comes at a cost.


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A Walk Down Memory Lane!

Four years ago we walked into Chaparral High School as individuals looking for fun and a new start. All summer long all any of us could seem to talk about was how great high school was going to be.

Some rode the bus and some got dropped off eagerly, that first day of school. Surrounded by our friends, we compared schedules and when that 8:40 A.M. bell rang, we set off our separate ways and proceeded to our very first class on our schedule. Entering the foreign room that would soon be our everyday environment, we saw a couple of familiar faces and some not so. We were freshman and for some that year was the best. For others it was the worst, but for all it was a great learning experience.

That year some found a sport they fit into, enjoyed it and learned to love it.

It was the year we lost some friendships. We believed would never come to an end, and made some that we never would have imagined we would make. We were fifteen years old with all kinds of mixed feelings. For some, it was the dangerous year of peer pressure and decisions. We fell in love. We got our hearts broken for the first time. It was completely inevitable. Most of us tried things for the first time and we either loved it and did it more, or hated it and never tried it again. Four years ago, we were the young freshman of the school, and we anxiously awaited to grow up.

Three years ago we came back into Chaparral High School, but this time as the invincible sophomores. We grew a bit during the summer, and it felt great to finally not be the shortest in the school that everyone looked down on. We made quite a bit more friendships that year and lost some others too, but we were learning to be okay with it. Still, we could not possibly stand the thought of being alone, popularity and a place to fit in was what everyone wanted.

We continued our paths, and some went towards a good direction while others followed the wrong one. This year we had new crushes and cried with our best friends when something went wrong. At times we were disappointed in ourselves when we failed a test we had desperately studied for the night before.

This was the year of rebellion for us, as we broke a couple of rules and fought for what we thought was right. It was the year of drama and chaos for some of us. Some days we swore that our English teachers hated us and we were sure we hated them as well and were thankful it would be the last year to put up with that. Our grades dropped and raised like a Six Flags roller-coaster that year. A couple of us were content with our school work and others aimed to achieve something greater. We started thinking about college but not too seriously, besides we were just sophomores and had a long way ahead of us before we actually needed to start thinking of it. Three years ago we were sixteen, and we still could not wait to grow up more.

Two years ago we walked back into Chaparral High School as the school’s upperclassmen this time. Now we were juniors and we felt high above all the other underclassmen of the school. After so long we finally got a taste of the feeling that we were growing up. Some of us got cars and licenses and were excited to pick up our friends. It was the year that we took American College Tests and actually began to think about our future. Although it was a bit late we started committing and trying to raise our GPA. When we discussed our plans, most of us were still indecisive and we struggled on figuring out with what we truly wanted to be when we grew up.

Junior year was a wake-up call for many of us. It was the year when we found out who our real best friend was and cherished that person. Everything seemed to be coming at us so quickly. We struggled to pass any exam we had failed that we needed in order to graduate. The year flew by or so it seemed to us. At the speed of light, our junior year was finally over and done with. Two years ago we were only seventeen and living the dream, but even then we still could not wait to grow up.

One year ago we returned to Chaparral High School one last time as the big, bad seniors of the school. Nothing could stop us now we thought. We enjoyed our senior sunrise with sleepy and anxious eyes. This year we realized that our 30 friends we had started high school with had turned into three. Our minds were set and everyone had a plan. Some would one day be a great doctor, an educated teacher, a brave fire-fighter and even a loving parent. College acceptance letters came in that year and our hearts leapt with joy at the sight of them. It all finally felt real when we took our cap and gown pictures and placed our orders for our own. Our senior prom was a night to remember, when every senior girl felt like a princess and got swept off their feet by their handsome date. By senior year we finally had a serious relationship and we could swear we were really in love this time. At our pep-rallys we felt admired and envied by all the rest, simply because we were the kings and queens of 2016.

Our senior ditch day was a success and filled with great vibes from great people and we cherished our final moments together. We made memories that we would carry forever. Most of us turned eighteen and were excited to finally be legal. We partied on the weekends and all we could think about was that next year we would be at college parties. By the middle of the year, everyone had the inevitable senioritis and half the time we were not even at school.

Senior year we learned that we were individuals who were unique, and had a path we were destined to follow. We made up our minds on what college we would attend that fall, and prayed we would receive that scholarship we signed up for. Our financial aid was completed and we wondered what life had in store for us. We looked back on every decision we made in high school both good and bad, and were ultimately proud. We smiled at the thought of how far we had made it and who we made it with.

It was all bittersweet and coming to an end. We would no longer see the friends we grew up with…everyday…anymore. We would have to adjust to a new environment all over again and leave this one behind. Our memories of high school would one day fade and we did not know who would stay in our lives after graduation. We knew we would be facing the real world and we hoped high school, our parents and all of our teachers from the past had prepared us for it. In a few days we would all go our separate ways and time was ticking away. A couple of days ago we realized that soon we would not be in high school anymore, and we wished we could bring time back.

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The BPA NLC Finals Are In!

Lobo BPA began this year with a total of 21 students competing in Regional’s. It then led to State competition in Albuquerque, NM, with all 21 students successfully making it to State Competition. Unfortunately at State, not all qualified for Nationals.

Nationals included thousands of students from across the country that gathered to compete and showcase their business skills and develop their leadership acumen in Boston. As we represented New Mexico from Chaparral High School, we had a total of 15 students at the National Leadership Conference. At this conference BPA was celebrating its 50 anniversary and many more to come.

Unfortunately no lobos were able to place in the top 10; there were many other states with double the students of New Mexico. No matter how they placed, the lobos were proud to represent Chaparral High School. Lobos had the opportunity to experience the city life in Boston for five says.

Towards competitions we placed in:

The Statesman Torch Award:

Carol Bonham

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting:

Olivia Carrillo 44 out of 60

Fundamental Desktop Publishing:

Evelyn Loya 49 out of 69

Payroll Accounting:

Isaiah Contreras 46 out of 69

The Video Production Team(s): 18 out of 32

Araceli Hernandez

Evelyn Loya

Richard Perez

Jonathan Medrano

Presentation Management Team(s): 24 out of 34

Luis Amaya

Brandon Cobos

Mathew Fordham

The Broadcast News Team(s): 18 out of 28

Nuvia Vazquez

Aleyda Perez

Santana Molina

Stephanie Ronquillo

Computer Security:

Brandon Cobos 31 out of 62

Jonathan Medrano 40 out of 62

Armando Apodaca 39 out of 62

Unfortunately this school year has now come to an end, which means farewell to BPA; well at least until the next school year.

We hope to see many students join next year, as our BPA club increases. A huge thanks to our sponsors Sarah Campbell, Stephen Gabaldon and Ronald Richman without your support the lobos wouldn’t have done it.


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The BPA NLC Experience!

The BPA experience continued for me and the rest of the BPA students this past week from May 4-9, 2016, in Boston. In total there were 15 students representing New Mexico from Chaparral High School. Sadly none of these students were finalists. Keep in mind there was 30 states and almost 6,000 competitors.

In my division for Broadcast News there was 28 teams competing. Out of those 28 teams my team placed 18. We represented Chaparral with much pride. We can proudly say that no matter what we placed, all of our hard work and dedication really paid off. Just being able to experience Nationals in Boston was simply great.

A different state, with different people, made this experience even better because we got the experience of internships with people we had never met before. We were able to walk around the city and enjoy the great weather while touring. Out on the tours we were able to learn a lot about Boston like how the Back Bay was created and all about Boston’s history. Not only did we experience a different city but we also enjoyed the many different kinds of foods available.

Coming out of Chaparral, I can actually say I was able to experience the city life, Boston a big city with beautiful sights to enjoy. One of the amazing places we were able to enjoy thanks to BPA was Fenway Park with a wonderful performance by the X Ambassadors rock band. This was all for BPA’s 50th anniversary. Many activities were available for us to enjoy at this conference.

BPA has opened doors to many students, allowing them to experience how the real world works. To understand that not everything is easy, but hard work and dedication can take you places, and that no matter if you are first or last, never give up and follow your dreams because you might just end up in a different state with different people and a great life experience.

If you want to fully experience your career in creative media, video production or just communication and interaction skills, I highly recommend BPA for you. It allows putting your skills to work and enjoying the traveling while meeting new people, dealing with time management, and getting lots of hands on work.


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CHS baked pancakes on their way to The Culinary Arts Competition!

Chaparral High School made pancakes on their way to the ProStar State Initational.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, the ProStar State Invitational was held. This competition is a Culinary arts competition. It only lasted one day and started at 8:00 a.m. The competition was held in a new location this year, was hosted by Ben E. Keith food service company, at Isleta Resort Casino. Last year it was held in the Albuquerque convention center and the Lobos placed fourth.

There were two teams that competed, the culinary team and the management team. The participants for the Culinary team were: Lizbeth Guzman, Leslie Hernandez, Jennifer Lozano and Erik Carbajal. Management participants were: Sydney Zubia and Paulina Evangelist. Three teachers attended the competition: Ella Davis, Culinary Arts teacher; Stephen Galbaldon, Media Production teacher and Veronica Hunnicut, Life skills, Nutrition and Home Economics teacher.

The purpose of this competition was to, “Demonstrate their Knowledge of, Passion for and creativity within the restaurant industry through the culinary and management competitions,” said Davis adding, “The competition was very stressful for the students because as they are cooking on only two butane camp stoves, they are also being judged by a professional chef that are in the industry. They only have one hour to complete a five course meal to serve to the judges for tasting and scoring their ending product.”

The students had a mentor, an Executive Chef from Ft. Bliss, Chef Damien who came to help the students every Tuesday to assist the students with their menu and critique their ending product and also encouraged them to do their best with passion.

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Farewell Seniors!

The Class of 2016 will leave a trail of paws at Chaparral High School.  They will leave the den into the real world.

The seniors will end the year by celebrating “Senior Ditch Day”, Field day, and the Spring Fling dance! The last day of school for the seniors is May 13, 2016. Before the last day of school, the seniors are required to turn in a senior checkout list. The Class of 2016 will have Senior Awards on May 18 and graduation rehearsal on May 19.  The graduation ceremony for the CHS seniors is scheduled for May 21, 2016 at 2 p.m. at the Don Haskins Center.

“They are in for a stormy ride,” said Jerry Appel. The seniors are thrilled about graduation, but the thought of paying bills and becoming responsible terrifies everyone! Many seniors have received scholarships to pay for college, but are also looking for summer jobs to pay for college fees such as: books, housing and personal expenses. Most seniors will be attending New Mexico State University, Dona Ana Community College, or University of El Paso Texas.  Other seniors are planning to move out of state or join the army!

“I am looking forward to graduation. My future plans after high school are to get a job and study what I love: Animal Science at New Mexico State University,” said Ruby Armendariz. “I want to major in Animal Science because I always wanted to become a Veterinarian, it make me happy to help animals in need.” Ruby has received scholarships, meanwhile she will begin to work at Walmart, Dollar General, or Family Dollar to pay for college, housing, or other expenses. Since the last day for seniors is May 13, Ruby is a bit worried about the graduation requirements.

“I am worried/nervous on how many hours I owe this year, it is very stressful but I have to do what is in my power to graduate,” said Ruby Armendariz. “My college goals are to pass every class and to graduate that is about as simple as I can put it.”

“I am worried about the future such as: financial needs for college,” said Aries Faudoa. Faudoa will begin to work this summer to pay for college. She will be attending New Mexico State University to major in Digital Filmmaking.”

“Although I’m nervous, I need to experience something new. I am going to miss not having so many responsibilities, friends, and my favorite teachers.” Meanwhile, Faudoa will be enjoying her lovely vacation in San Diego, California, and Wisconsin.

“I love chemistry,” said Mayra Caldera. “I want to start college and get my associates. I am nervous for what the future awaits for me. By working and the scholarships I have received, I will pay for my college expenses, my second semester. I want to graduate with an Associates Degree in Chemical Engineering. Next, enter medical school to become a physician.” Mayra has many goals she plans to achieve by the end of her college career. Good luck, Mayra!

The 2016 seniors have a bright future ahead of themselves. For most have already applied for college, scholarships, or jobs.

“Don’t let the actions of others dictate your own,” Kathy Henry. “Be your own person. Stand up for what is right… even if you’re standing alone. Practice random acts of kindness. Be happy, be healthy and behave,” said Henry. College will sure be a roller-coaster of emotions, but everything is possible with responsibility, determination and dedication! Just keep going. There is never a finish line!

“The Class of 2016 from Chaparral High School will be remembered as a very optimistic group, in spite of the chaotic world around them,” said Henry. “Their lives have spanned two countries. They have a plethora of information at their fingertips and a multitude of devices upon which to view it. They are very tolerant of others and open-minded.”

Farewell seniors, good luck and follow your dreams! “Once a lobo, always a lobo.”

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My Senior Year

Being a senior feels good because it means you are a step closer to accomplishing a major goal in your life. Graduating from high school is a dream come true. Since I was little I could not wait to get out of school and now I finally am. Though I will be continuing in college.

My goals before I graduate are to pass all my classes, pay my lab fees and do anything I have to do to graduate. That is all I want. I just want to get out of here already!

I am planning to become a forensic nurse. If that does not work out, then I would like to become a detective.

The best memories I have of my high school years are my friends. They made my senior year more fun and exciting. My favorite class was fifth period because my friend would have me laughing a lot. So I thank her for making it interesting and fun.

Being a senior though is a lot more work than the previous years. You have college applications, tests, FAFSA, etc. It is a lot of paper work and can sometimes be super stressful. But at the end you will feel successful.  Success for me is something that you have wanted to or wished to accomplish and did, which for me is a good feeling.

I am glad and excited that I am about to graduate and begin a new chapter in my life. I want to thank all my teachers, my counselor, and my parents for pushing me forward on a good path to finish these four years.

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